Cubase 7.0.2 / Cubase Artist 7.0.2 Update available

Dear Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 users,

We are happy to announce the availability of the Cubase 7.0.2 and Cubase Artist 7.0.2 maintenance update! Both Updates are a free download, went through our full QA cycle and are fully supported.

The 7.0.2 update incorporates all improvements from 7.0.1 plus the following:*

Documentation available in all supported languages
The documentation is now available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese

Additional key commands assignable for MixConsole features
In the Key Commands window (section “Mixer”) you can now assign key commands for all Channel Visibility Agents in the MixConsole and for opening the Control Link window.

Improved context menu on EQ bands
Each EQ band on the MixConsole equalizer display now features a dedicated context menu for easy access of common functions, such as Invert, Copy, Paste and Clear bands or to change the EQ Type.

Control Room and meter improvements
The Control Room now displays values and a meter for the monitored signal at all times. In the Meter > Loudness tab you can find an EBU R 128 logo in the “Configure Loudness Settings” window. Deviations of values from the default EBU R 128 Loudness Settings are indicated in the logo and by clicking on the logo you can reset all values back to defaults.

Load/save settings of selected MixConsole channels (VMX file support)
The ability to load and save channel settings of selected channels as VMX file is now available again in Cubase 7.0.2. You can find it in the MixConsole Function menu.

Track Presets for Group / FX / VST Instrument return and Input / Output channels
Cubase 7.0.2 features enhanced Track Presets functionality, resulting in the ability to save and apply Track Presets on virtually all Track types (respectively channels types, where applicable), now including group, FX and VST instrument return and Input / Output channels. You can find the save and load Track Preset functions in the same places as known from Audio, Instrument and MIDI tracks.

Appearance settings: preview and custom colors for MixConsole value cells
You can now set up the general basic color of the application without the need to re-start the application for the changes to take effect (nevertheless, some remaining areas will have their colors correctly applied after the application has been restarted). Additionally, the color picker window has been enhanced and you can set up your own colors for the value cells of the various MixConsole rack sections.

Full track header coloring
Cubase not only colors the left track color indicator but can now also color the whole track header with the track color set for a better overview in complex projects. The intensity of the color can be adjusted in the Preferences.

VST Connect SE 1.2 with improved connection stability and video streaming reliability
VST Connect SE 1.2 offers general improved connection stability and video streaming reliability as well as a new option to disable the video stream for reducing the bandwidth. The talkback channel is now included in the monitor mix. While the plug-in version is included in the Cubase Updater, the VST Connect SE performer standalone is available as a separate download (see below).

Furthermore the following issues have been resolved in 7.0.2:*


    • Saving a Preset with the “/” character in the name no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Pressing “Cancel” on the “Add Instrument Track” dialog no longer leads to an unpredictable state of the application.
  • The new “Find Tracks” search function now also finds tracks that reside inside folders.
  • Resulting audio files from a recording are now always placed in the correct folder.
  • Scrub function now also works reliably on MIDI Parts.
  • After starting playback the video window no longer remains black for several seconds.


    • When setting a voice in the voice-menu, notes are now updated correctly.
  • The Step Input blue cursor can now be placed correctly with the mouse .
  • The MIDI length adjustment no longer works unexpected during export and import.
  • In Score, the notes are no longer moved accidently to 1/1/0 on mouse over.
  • The mouse input of the Chorder plug-in now works as expected.


    • Pre Gain Automation is no longer missing in Cubase.
  • Increasing the fader height no longer hides dB labels.
  • Linking rack sections and insert bypass now work as expected.
  • After changing the order of the channel strip modules in an instrument track the playback now works as expected.
  • The channel strip modules in the Inspector for VST return channels are now available.
  • The MixConsole window position is now saved correctly when using workspaces.
  • The Channel Edit window is now saved correctly when using workspaces.
  • When a folder is collapsed in MixConsole, simultaneous assigning of I/O to multiple tracks now works correctly.
  • Load / Save a Track Preset of VST instrument tracks now works as expected.
  • On MIDI tracks assigned to a VST instrument, the PAN control is no longer missing in the Inspector.
  • In the Channel Settings window the command “Show output chain” now works as expected with VST instruments supporting multiple outputs.
  • The inserts of a frozen track can now be bypassed correctly in the Channel Settings window.
  • The VU meter in the Inspector is no longer mono only.
  • The channel meter preference fallback time now works reliably .
  • While browsing Presets, the Channel EQ curve is now updated correctly.
  • When an EQ preset is loaded, the EQ controls in the Channel Settings window are now updated properly.
  • When working with 88.2 kHz as Project sample rate, the EQ points are now always in sync with the EQ curve.
  • Slider values cannot be changed when dragging in the vertical direction.

Remote and Hardware:

    • The Pop-up “Control Setting” panel in Remote Control Editor no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • The DM2000 remote no longer works unexpected when being recalled as a Remote Setting.
  • The AI Knob works now as expected when the maximum Fader volume is set to +12 dB instead of +6 dB.
  • CMC-FD: The function “To Selected Channel” works now as expected.
  • Under OS X 10.8 it is now possible to switch the sample rate without issues.

_ Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7._*

A detailed Version history, the 7.0.2 Updaters and VST Connect Performer SE 1.2 are available here::

Cubase 7 downloads

Cubase Artist 7 downloads

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH



DLing now :slight_smile:

Edit: sweeeet, no lockup with the remote editor:) yay:)


updated mine :smiley:

vmx files don’t recall volume ? …

Thank you for the heads up Helge!

Seriously, I feel so happy to be a loyal Steinberg customer over the years. The frequency of the updates and the efficiency in solving issues is outstanding for a software company. Amazing customer service, well done to the Cubase team :smiley: :smiley:

Auto color still doesn’t work (at least with audio files).

Checked the preferences and auto track color mode says : “use previous track color +1” .

Am I missing something ?..

Thanks to all at Steinberg :smiley:

Same here. I’ve tried every setting and get the same results. Still shows default gray.

Install worked on the second download. But a +1 to the issue about VMX files not saving fader levels. This was the critical feature for me, and while having it back is great, it’s a big bummer that it doesn’t save volume. Helge, can you please look into this?

Mac OSX 10.8.2

  1. No fader levels when loading the VMX file

  2. Now, no dB markings on the channel regardless of what size the mixer is…

Thanks Steinberg, but still doesn’t work Auto Track Color Mode.
Any modes doesn’t work even random color mode.
I’m using Windows 7 (64bit) - Cubase 7.0.2 64bit version.
I’m really disappointing on this update.
Why don’t you write “Support Manual Color Mode”?

We still cannot use the keyboard up and down arrows to navigate when searching for a plugin or a track :frowning:

yes you can…

  1. click TAB
  2. navigate through your plugins


Thx :smiley: that’s amazing! It’s stupid but little things like that make a big difference for me.

It won’t install, I get code 1603. Anything I can do? (I’ve tried running it as admin, no difference).

EDIT: Redownloading, will report back after a second attempt.
EDIT2: Still 1603, whatever it means. Advice?
EDIT3: Solved, the installer needs to find the files from the 7.0 install in exactly the same place as they were during the original install. I had deleted mine. So that’s what 1603 means. A small hint would have been nice… :wink:


Try to download again!

Well at least for me, today feb 18th is the day Cubase 7 is finally a fully functional program i’ll start recommending to my peers. .vmx and group channel presets not working was killing me. Install went smooth as can be at least on my end with win 7.

It’s been decent. Up until another Cubase has quit unexpectedly’s popped up. It would be super cool if 7.0.3 somehow nipped that one in the bud. Not very good for the workflow.

Yeah me too, the problem is that the control meter nor visibility/zones panel can be resized any smaller than the the text in their titles. And this means I can’t see channels on on the far right of the mixer.

I’m also having the problem whereby now no db indicators appear next to the faders regardless of their size.

OSX 10.8.2