Cubase 7.0.2 Error Code -7

Does anyone knows why is this “error code -7” showing after Cubase 7.0.2 opening and scanning vst plugin folder?
Also some plugins I can not use at all: Flux/Ircam

Here the same error code 7 after installing Cubase 7.02, when I trayed to open some URS plugins. Some times VST Bridge crashes on 7.02.

If you want to use 32 bit plug-ins in Cubase x64 it’s best not to rely on VST Bridge, especially when jBridge is so cheap and appears to work well.

I also have JBridge but I found the same issue - error code -7 when I trayed to convert URS plugins witj JBridge.
I opened an old project made with cubase 7.01 on Cubase 7.02 and my URS plugins opened now - on old project. Anyway, when I trayed to make a new project and I trayed to open an URS plugin, the same situation: error code -7.

Did anyone find a resolution on this. I just purchased a URS plug in. It opens in Ableton but not found in Cubase 7, wondering if this is a Cubase issue or URS issue. Im guessing Cubase since this plug in is immediately found and works fine in Ableton???