Cubase 7.0.2 | Keystation Pro 88 HELP!

Hey everyone, I’m new to the forums here and I’m in need of some help. I’m currently running Cubase 7.0.2 with an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 with a Yamaha FC4 sustain pedal connected to it. My keyboard often plays random keys on its own. When I hit the sustain pedal, it triggers the note e3 and sometimes also c#-2 and sometimes even random midi CC notes. I’ve looked for drivers, but the best I could find was labeled Cubase SX. It doesn’t even specify which version…this is really getting in the way of my work flow and I would really appreciate all the help I could possibly get. Thanks in advance!

Few questions :

  1. Is your Keystation connected to your MBox with an USB cable or with a MIDI one ? In the former case, I would try to connect it with MIDI and define the ports needed in Cubase, this to avoid any driver problem. I use my VMK like this, and it works flawlessly without any driver : there can be enough problems with the audio/MIDI interface one, already…

  2. I guess that, as my VMK, there is an interface on the Keystation which allows you to define for each of your controllers, at least the followings : MIDI channel, polarity, CC number, values range… Are you sure that all these are correctly set ?

  3. As I don’t remember seeing that Cubase has a native definition of the Keystation 88, did you defined a ‘Generic Remote’ device for it in Cubase ‘Device setup’ window ? First thing to do for an efficient work with a control device.

From what I am seeing, only the MBox Mini is lacking MIDI in/out connections…

Worth another check, and t’s not mandotory to use ‘Stop-and-play Cubase !’ to make the Keystation work with Cubase, by following the programming instructions that are in the Keystation manual. The process is tedious, but you will be rewarded after on the long run.

You should have : the ‘Stop-and-play Cubase !’ instructions clearly mention the creation of a ‘Generic remote’ device in Cubase.

So, I advice you to reconsider all your setup :

  • again, use only a MIDI cable, get rid of any driver installed,
  • carefully follow the step by step instructions that are in the Keystation manual for its programming. Let aside the ‘Stop-and-play Cubase !’ thingy…
  • create a ‘Generic remote’ in Cubase and set all the parameters (one line for each and every controller existing on your Keystation) AFTER having done so on the Keystation.

I know that all the process is tedious and time consuming, I’ve been through that, but you’ll never get your Keystation to work correctly with Cubase if all this is not carefully done. And, as I just saw in the manual that you can affect note to controllers, set programming zones, etc, these could explain the issues you are currently having.

Good luck…

Will all of this work if I’m going Midi OUT of the keyboard and USB into the PC? (I’d love to go straight MIDI, but I can’t because of the MBox)

You should look at it further :

EDIT : just looked at the MBox manual (revision 9.0) ( : page 23, you’ll see how to connect MIDI devices such as your Keystation to the ‘Breakout’ cable which is supposed to be provided with your MBox unit. it’s a common way of connecting MIDI keyboards/devices to a compact one : even RME use this kind of solution for, say, their RayDAT PCIe card.

First thing to do and carefully download it. There are a lot of useful things to take in there.

Look above… And no, I don’t think it will work this way, unless you have a miracle driver, but maybe it’s something to check, as I don’t have experience with Firewire audio/MIDI devices. But, as I don’t see any USB connector on it…