Cubase 7.0.3 and Melodyne problems

Yeh seems to be the same on PC for all plugins here… the ‘power’ button just bypasses them… you have to open the plugin GUI and switch it off from there… a real PITA!!!

Agreed; its annoying… I can’t even seem to ‘bypass’ the plug from the Inspector panel Inserts ‘power’ switch (or whatever it is).

Melodyne (Assistant) not behaving well at all here on C7. Have increased buffer to 1024 as recommended, but:-

  1. UI is generally sluggish
  2. locating and playing back within the main plugin page (which used to be fine in C6.5) no longer works - you know, clicking in the top ruler line to locate, double-click to begin playback etc… Its all grinding to a halt. I get playback for a bit then it just drops to silence as the cursor merrily rolls on… None of this in 6.5.

Have the resource requirements altered that much between 6.5 and 7…? Do I absolutely have to move up to 64bit…? No, of course I don’t. I can stick with 6.5

I spent £100 on the upgrade, as I did like some of the MixConsole ideas, and the ChordTrack stuff is worth exploring (and I like to keep up with officially supported software). But, what with VariAudio still no good, I guess I’ll be sat on this upgrade for a little while before fully moving over.

I had to roll back to Melodyne v2.0.1 from v2.1.0 last night for a different reason: the plug-in’s presence was causing C7.0.3 to crash on quit (32 or 64 bit mode). And…the warning message that the 32 bit version required a stupidly huge latency buffer increase was a deal breaker.

All of this is on Celemony as far as I’m concerned. Check out their issues forum: a sea of misery regarding this latest build.

Yeh seems to be the same on PC for all plugins here… the ‘power’ button just bypasses them… you have to open the plugin GUI and switch it off from there… a real PITA!!!

It seems that a standard click on the ‘power’ button triggers the bypass function. Anyhow, if you press ‘Alt’ (on Windows) while clicking the plugin is switched off and on instead of just bypassing.


Ah! thanks for that… will give it a go later! :slight_smile:

And I thought it was just me…

Thanks - just been trying this; I get the ‘on/off’ business now - the whole slot turns ‘blank’… But, I don’t see or hear any ‘bypass’ happening with just the standard click. There seems to be no visual indication of the bypassed state - even opening up the plugins UI (Melodyne), the usual place for the bypass button is just a blank space…!?!

Clicking on the bypass button on the overall Inserts tab in the Inspector, lights up nice and yellow, indicating bypassed state for ALL insert slots, but still no bypass on Melodyne happening, nor any indication on the individual slots or the plugins UI, like we used to have. Maybe its just a Melodyne thing; will try with others later.

This is not helpful (no visual indication of individual bypass ‘state’).

EDIT:- [Ok, just checked and all this is effectively the same as it was/is with Melodyne under C6.5 - its a Melodyne thing. However, problems mentioned in earlier post with C7 still stand; these aren’t an issue under C6.5 - it runs and plays nice there…!]

Also, on the subject of Melodyne and C7, I had some contact with Celemony Support on the matter. Unsurprisingly perhaps, they see no issues at their end; all is running fine for them. The other recommendations were to run at buffers of 1024 (I think excessive) and to be running the 64bit version. Like, wow…! Thanks for the warnings (yes ok, SB said there was a little increase in overhead for C7 versus Cubase 6, but hey - their base (minimum) recommendation is still for a 32bit system), but Celemony are now effectively saying 32 bit is dead for them…

I’m fine if I stick with C6.5 for any Melodyne duties I guess (no monies to perform system wide upgrade to 64bit for now…).

I think it is Melodyne because it didn’t do this until the latest version and it was also happening before the C7.03 update.

its not melodyne because works great under 6.5 :imp:

I have no issues running Melodyne with Cubase 7 or none that have shown yet!! My performance is bang on too hardly any over loads on the meter in fact I did have over loads but it was because 7 was loading in my pref file from 6.5 soon as I found this I took out the 6.5 pref file and put it onto the desktop so 7 could make a brand new pref file. It is working amazing now great performance other than the mixer issues that SB know about and are been fixed in the next update. But I am working with 6.5 projects in 7 without issues