Cubase 7.0.3 asio spikes since update


I updated Cubase from 7.0.1 to 7.0.3 due tuo some bugs in the mixer that are now solved. Since I updated I encountered serious issues with my asio-performance. I now have kind of asio-spikes that appear every 10 - 15 min - no matter which buffer size I set. Sometimes while playback, sometimes when I hit play…

I had a similar problem with 7.0.0 but not with 7.0.1…
Wonder if anyone is experiencing a similar behaviour!

What I did to analyze:

  • skipped every plug-in in the project (this project has only 10 audio tracks, no midi, nothing else)
  • tried different buffer sizes
  • appears with 32bit or 64bit Cubase Version

My configuration:

  • MAC Pro 2012 - 6 core 3.33, 24 GB RAM, OS X 10.8.2
  • SSL Madi-Xtreme 64
  • Waves Mercury and some UAD-Plugs

Thanks for helping me!

See my post on asio meter overload fix the fix I have posted fixes all performance issues full stop

I tried to trash my preferences and to let cubase create them again… Seems it has no effect on the behaviour…

I do not have ASIO-spikes constantly. They appear only after 10-15min, no matter which project - and then only one spike. Did not have this with 7.0.1…

Can a moderator please move it to the issues subforum? I saw that I chose the wrong forum… Sry…

Are you using older SDK plugins anything below 2.3 will have an effect on asio spiking problems. What latency are you running at and what audio card are you running?

Do you have Cubase 6 installed ?

If you have it, trashing C7 preferences won’t help as C7 will seek for C6 older preferences and copy them.

Delete C7 preferences and move (or backup) C6’s to another place. let C7 scan everything again, and ONLY then, move C6’s back to their place.

Hope it’ll help.

Been there, done that and it doesn’t work…still getting spikes!

okay - tested everything including trashing of Cubase 6 preferences which was previously installed. Did not work. Since 7.0.3 update I get asio spikes every 20 minutes or so!

Also deactivating Asio-guard does not help … same issue… anyone experiencing the same?

Can someone move this thread to the issue report sub forum or do I have to start a new thread?

Doesn’t matter where they move it or how many threads you start, it isn’t recognised as a Cubase problem. I have already been through this in detail, only worse, I had nasty audio stuttering along with the spiking. There’s a three page thread about it on this forum I started a while back.

I tried all the fixes and tweaks there are. Trust me I tried all of them. None worked for me. In the end I sent out for a new SSD (so I could keep the old hard drive just in case), did a fresh Windows install and re-installed Cubase and then updated to Cubase 7.03. For sure it was a pain-in-the-A55, but guess what?

It worked like a charm. Worth every minute., Not only did it cure my spiking and stuttering but I now get much, much better ASIO performance. More tracks, more plug-ins, more automation… more everything. Less ASIO load!

I’m not advocating this extreme to anyone. But It’s always an option when all else fails :wink:

I am on mac - not on windows… and I installed a fresh system a month before I installed Cubase 7 - so it is very “new” and it worked with 7.0.1 in parallel with 6.5

Why did I update to 7.0.3???

Can I downgrade without loosing my projects?

What I discovered is that the asio spike appears in some songs every time I hit play - weird… But you can’t hear anything - just the red light…

Have you tried trashing the prefs folder in 6.5? And 7.03 even? You could move them to your desk top and put them back if it doesn’t work. This often works though. Didn’t work for me but many have reported favourably.

But in any case, I wouldn’t worry too much if you can’t hear anything. If you start getting a stutter or a glitch when the ASIO meter spikes… then worry :wink:

@dark blue man: Yes I tried trashing prefs folder - did not work.

The asio spikes when hitting play are “okay” for me as I can’t hear anything - not so those that appear periodically every 10-15 minutes. Stutter & glitch…

Something other interesting: I have a project with 9 tracks and without any plugin @96k that eats up nearly 30% of asio performance @256K buffer even after cleaning up the project file. Then I have another project with some plug-ins (10-20 or so) with nearly 80 tracks same buffer and samplerate that eats up only 15% of asio performance??? Isn’t that weird?

Well if you’re getting stuttering and glitches, even after trashing the perfs folder then there surly is a problem. See my post 3 up. There are an array of tweaks and “fixes” you can try. Too many to remember but search the board and search google. One that sticks in mind had something to do with daemon tools. They range from OS tweaks, BIOS tweaks to plug-in removals… But anyway, none worked for me.

Something other interesting: I have a project with 9 tracks and without > any > plugin @96k that eats up nearly 30% of asio performance @256K buffer even after cleaning up the project file. Then I have another project > with > some plug-ins (10-20 or so) with nearly 80 tracks same buffer and samplerate that eats up only 15% of asio performance??? Isn’t that weird?

It is weird. There must be a logical reason. Discovering what though is another matter.

Out of interest, and not trying to start a debate here but, I don’t really get the 96k thing. I’ve followed the discussions on gearslutz and various forums, and even tried it myself. Apparently some plug-ins are less prone to aliasing at 96 k or some such. Can’t hear any difference myself, not that that’s much to go by but I know even my NS-10m monitors roll of before 20khz :wink:

There are plenty of beautifully produced tracks from the 90s done in 16/44.1 and it makes me wonder how much of it is really just hype. But that’s just me. Ever the sceptic. Though I accept the science behind greater dynamic range of 24 bit opposed to 16 bit.

Good luck.

I tried a view fixes but nothing worked - last thing I do is to reinstall my system. Let’s see if this helps!

I read in the OS-X thread that lots of C7/Mac-Users are experiencing a periodic spike and that Steinberg is working on a solution. Hopefully soon!

Not to start a debate about 96K/32bit or not - there is a difference and I can hear this on all of my speakers:) I am not saying that 44.1 isn’t fine. I have found out that some plugins work a lot better than with 44.1 and I am using couple of hardware inserts as well - so another D/A-A/D stage… Some of my bigger projects will be converted for mixing to 48K - but where my MAC and UAD can handle it, I mix @96K

I don’t think they recognise it as a Steinberg problem, in which case, there isn’t much they can do about it. I had really bad spiking and stuttering but after a fresh OS install Cubase is now running better than ever. And of course, if it were a Cubase issue, logically most users would be having it, yet it only effects a minority. And of course, every thread about it gets banished to Miscellaneous, not [Issues}. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Steinberg fix if I were you.

Yes I’ve hear loads of people swear they hear a difference, just like I’ve heard many claim different DAWs have their own sound. What I haven’t seen is a shred of scientific evidence. Confirmation bias is a powerful human failing. Not to say their wrong or deliberately trying to mislead but our ears are fallible, that much we do know. My own sound card is capable of all sampling rates right up to 192 kz. I’m not convinced. I also use a lot of UAD-2 plug-in.

Follow the links to watch interesting videos on the subject, and there are many more:

Look here and scroll down to Helge’s comment: Steinberg Forums

Looks like with OS-X it is a Steinberg problem…

Anyway I will try if I can get rid of when installing a fresh 10.8.3 system without previously installed C6.5 and so on… Asking myself if I should only install 7.0.1 which worked for me better then 7.0.3…

I have to count on Steinberg - Had a look @ProTools10HD, but for now it isn’t an alternative for me. Other competitors won’t work for me as well. And I like Cubase and the Workflow of C7…

Yeah I know lots of discussion threads, videos and so on about 44.1 vs. 96 … I made a few “non scientific” but blind tests and read also some “scientific” scripts of Bob Katz on this subject and came to the conclusion that with my workflow with using external summing and hardware insert effects I get the most out of it. Of course 16bit vs 24bit or 32bit is another thing in itself. Conclusion: Recording everytime with 96K, pitch correction or amp-sims everytime 96K. Where it is possible with my system I will try to mix in 96k/32bit, where it isn’t print the effects, convert and mix with 48K/32bit.