Cubase 7.0.4 color tool completely unusuable

Color tool is coming back but they miss to choose the color
underneath this tool.
So if you want to change the color before use the color tool
all selected tracks and selected regions are colored the same color !!!

I am obliged to de-select the all the regions, but how to de-select all tracks ?

Please make a choose color for selected tracks and a choose color for selected regions.

Yes, they broke the toolbox by bringing back a broken colour tool. Does anyone actually test this stuff? (Yeah, I know … we do!) :unamused:

it just applies the color you select under the “select colors” menu. Works fine. Anyway I find it useless because you can do the same thing by selecting your events and choosing a color in the “select colors” menu.

Yeap! It would be better if they actually added an option to choose or modify colors.

BTW, to the OP, to un select tracks SHIFT-click them.

You are missing the subtleties of the color tool. With the color tool selected try the following:

  • Alt + click on an event to get the pipette to sample the colour of the event.
  • Ctrl + click on an event to get the pop-up colour menu.
    Agree with the OP that colour selecton on the colour menu does not have good workflow.

Also, don’t know if you noticed- the color of the track is shown as the default color for the part you are hovering over. Nice.

thanks Jose for the tip !