cubase 7.0.5 Generic Remote Editor improvements

hem hem…
yes sure there is improvement…

But where are new commands that lot of people using remote control are waiting like :

-cue sends

I know this isn’t exactly related, but… I would dearly love it if I could use my CMC controllers like I do in Cubase 6.5.

1)Select the channel I want to manipulate using the “previous” and “next” channel buttons
2.) And then “LISTEN” to that channel using a function button.

Because of the difference between the way channels are selected and highlighted in the mixconsole in Cubase 7 versus the mixer in Cubase 6.5, and the limitations of Cubase 7 listen key commands, this is not possible in Cubase 7 as of yet without having to define a time-consuming macro that is in itself unreliable.

Ahhh… we all have our hopes and dreams I guess. I now return you to your “generic remote editor” thread, already in progress…

On my CMC-CH I simply programmed to F8 key to toggle listen I don’t see the problem.

The ability to show each of the artist cues in a traditional mixer console paradigm Is something I’ve long wanted to see and really shouldn’t be very difficult to implement. A horizontal row of horizontally oriented faders is actually a pretty stupid concept and frustrating when you realize they came so close to getting it right.


for listen button, i would like one as “mute command” wich you can send a “on” or “off” command
(not toogle) for different tracks you select in the remote at the same time.

actually i use classic send 6, 7, 8 and route them to 3 differents cues for headphones because control
send level is possible to midi control. I have on my remote 32 motorized fader and with differents buttons,
i can switch and look at all cues balances

The problem is that the “edit–> listen” command activates listen on the red-outlined selected channel of the mixer. It does not toggle listen on the selected (white highlighted) channel in the project window and mixer. In Cubase 6.5 these were the same things, but in 7 it’s different. The CMC CH SELECT controls only control which channel is active in the project window, they don’t control which channel is red-outlined in the mix-console.

Anyway, I’ll elaborate on this in another thread. I don’t want to hijack this one.


It’s the same problem with key command “listen”

There needs to be a very in depth tutorial on the generic editor.

Very disappointed, no cc for the strip channel…

The whole inflexibility of the Generic Remote (in concept as well as actuality) was why I gave up on the whole process for remote controlling Cubase using MIDI.

I was not brought up on hardware mixers, so I was not attached to their basically inflexible layout, upon which the Generic Remote is heavily reliant.

I now have touchscreens with the new mixers running fullscreen on them, with one in the studio with the foldback groups (for mixing from groups of channes) running into a Cue channel and Control Room on it. Much more flexible and more easily configurable.

For many, it may be time to let go of conventional hardware and opt for touchscreens all round. Hopefully the mixers will become more drag-and-drop plug-and play compliant.

Im sorry but I have to pick up on this , "it maybe time to let go of conventional hardware " . Well being brought up with hardware and “Real” controls and not virtual ,I couldn’t disagree with you more and I think 90% of the forum would laugh you out the door with that statement .
The romote has a lot of work that needs doing to it but this is the first stag of a rebuild and I have hi hopes as I personally love “REAL” control over what im doing .

"Let go of conventional hardware " :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

+1, G-string…

I’m still wondering what is happening to some with the touchscreen fantasm. I wouldn’t even imagine doing precise settings (editing in the key or sample editor, among others…) with such a gadget, this without talking of the fact that I would always have to stay as close as can be to the so-called screen…