Cubase 7.0.7 midi keyboard is '1 note out'

I have an ESI keycontrol 49 (not xt) and every key i hit is one note out in the software. e.g: C = C#, C#=D etc…
I have tried uninstalling the driver and re installing but this hasn’t helped. Is it just buggered?? Or can it be fixed?
I have not messed with transpose settings.
I am on cubase 7.0.7, windows 10.
I am using a usb cable and drawing usb power to run it.
Everything I find on the net refers to the keycontrol 49 XT. doesn’t seem to help.
Please help

Hi - Suggest the transpose problem is with the controller.
This from the manual:

  1. Press and hold the Edit button for 1.5 seconds to enter the edit mode. The LED will blink.
  2. Press Transpose- or Transpose+ to transpose the keyboard by one half step down or up. You can reset to the default with Transpose 0.

You can make an input transformer to change the incoming midi on a track if you can’t get it fixed on the keyboard end.

Is it really exactly one half tone, or a little bit less /more?

Thanks for the replies.
It seems there are more issues than just the note displacement.
I have just realised the keyboard becomes unresponsive every now and then for a few seconds at a time.
Time for a new one I think.
Again thanks very much for the support