Cubase 7.0 Full Install to 7.02 Update & Onwards

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted some advice on updates to my current install of Cubase 7.

I ended up installing just after the 7.02 update came out. The way I installed at the time was 7.0 full installer and then used the 7.02 update. I had some issues initially and had to un-install and re-install using the option for all users and has been working since. There are a few bugs but nothing that’s stopping me using it.

I noticed today there is the new 7.04 update out and the 7.0 full installer has been replaced by the full 7.02 installer. Are there any issues I should be aware of being that im a 7.0 full installer + 7.02 update install when it comes to applying these new updates?

I noticed a few people having problems with installing 7.04 and they seemed to be like me who had done the full 7.0 first and then updates after.

I don’t plan on doing the 7.04 update and will be waiting for 7.05, but am wondering if the way I have originally installed doing the 7.0 full and then 7.02 update is going to leave me open to issues or if I should be ok?

Thanks in advance.

I installed 7.0, then just ran the the 7.02 installer when it came out (no problems) then the same with .03 & .04

No uninstalling/re-installing necessary (not for me anyway!).

Why aren’t you planing to install 7.04?

Thanks for taking the time to reply man really means a lot. :slight_smile:

Great to hear you installed the same way as me and haven’t had any problems, I can feel confident now in doing the updates.

To be honest I am not installing 7.04 because I am in the middle of some work and just don’t want anything to go wrong. I noticed a couple of people that updated using some old time stretch stuff in projects had their projects corrupt and Steinberg have confirmed the issue and is planned to be fixed in the next release. Since everything is working for me right now I think I will just update next time and let the updates mature some more.

Thanks again for the reply man, I was feeling really nervous about doing the updates and you fixed that for me. :slight_smile: