Cubase 7.01 Blue Screen Of Death

I have just updated to the latest 7.01 and am getting the Blue Screen when closing down 7.01? Very strange indeed never had this issue in 6.5 Steinberg say it’s driver problem? How can that be when 6.5 has been running for a year on my system without any problems at all. I have updated just about everything I can and am still getting it. There has to be something in 7 that has an issue. I am running 7.01 in 32bit Anyone else having this problem?
So far am able to record and do what I need to do but get the crash on closing.

yes, with both Cubase Artist 7 and the update 7.0.1, though running it in 64bit.
Happened at many different times…loading the hub, with no project loaded, with a blank project loaded, …when absolutely nothing was going on at all. Tried updating the elicenser driver, which made it crash less, but essentially i’ve had to roll-back to CA6, because CA7 is unusable for me on. Though on the studio PC we’ve had no bluesceens at all (using C7)

Win7 64bit
Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU@2gh (4 core)
4G Ram

Thought I had sorted it by switching off my HDMi audio diver on my graphics card had no crashes for a few days then today it crashed with a Blue Screen yet again. It’s very intermittent indeed. I am able to record and do everything I want including saving the project but it’s every time I close it down. Steinberg have blamed my audio card which is way off the mark as this never happened in 6.5 I have seen there is an update coming out very soon so hoping this will fix some of the small problems people are having.

BSOD sorted see all my other posts