Cubase 7.01 with Delta 44 and 66 cards in Windows 8 (64)

I am running Cubase 7.01 in Windows 8 (64 bit) with M-Audio Delta 44 and 66 cards and am finding Cubase hangs on exit. I also have 2 x M-Audio Midisport 2x2s - (original and Anniversary editions) and a 3rd gen Oxygen 49.

So far, M-Audio have not brought out any Windows 8 drivers and I am forced to run Windows 7 drivers - even though 8 was released on 26th October in the UK!

I’ve tried running Cubase 7.01 without plugins folder to no avail - it still hangs! To what extent is this a fault of a driver? Surely 8 is built on the Windows 7 kernel.

I recently replaced a faulty ASUS P5B motherboard with the same board and the same thing is happening.

Any input from Steinberg in particular would be welcomed

hi TD,
I have recently rebuilt an alterdate workstation using ASROCK X58-extreme3 mobo, xeon-E5620, 24GB ram, Win8-64bit. using Delta-1010 + Delta-44 on the same mobo, and also a Keystation-Pro 88.
I have installed C7 (and also updated to C7.01). I have found that sometimes, 32-bit versions of (C7/C7.01), would/does hang on exit. {I have not had the 64bit C7/.01 hang yet …}.

Also, I’m finding that there is noticeable lag/latency when playing the Keystation-Pro-88 (this is via its KP88-2 usb interface/driver), that I was not experiencing when running Win7 (andC6.5).

I also have a new problem only triggered today - which luckily only took an hour or so to find a work around -, in that after applying some O/S updates and updated drivers (from the manufacturers site …),… I cannot even start 32bit-C7.01 anymore unless I disable the Ethernet/Lan adaptor in Network setup.
If I leave the LAn in enabled state, and attempt to start 32bit-C7.01, it runs thru the motions of checking all plugins, and then crashes immediately after displaying the final [Steinberg-HUB](News and Tutorials)(Projects) window.

Thank you for sharing that StefK. It would appear I am not alone then.

When it hangs, does the Dongle flash or not? Respond in this thread;

i get this also … delta 1010 lt…
i think this problem started on cubase 6 …
apparently its the third party stuff (yeah right) …could also be any plug in … i think more likely this or a gui not closing quick enough whatever it shuts down to quick before its all done (if you follow ?)
try this :-
close the project before you exit cubase …
or open a project with no big plugins ie that have a big fancy graphic user interface and or lots of resources ie reverence
then close cubase after …
bingo …
annoying all the same but at least its after your work has been saved … thus not dramatic … i hope
good luck …

Will give it a go.

For clarity, when I am talking about hanging I am talking about the reboot variety. Logging off renders the ASIO driver unusable so the only answer is to reboot the system.

not certain if i follow you … hmmm
OK this is what i get …
when my session is over i always reboot b4 the next job or session, edit or whatever.
so if i close cubase with the project still up in the window… the project closes but cubase will still hang around and in the very bottom part of its window there appears to be some kind of mess as if it has opened muti instances…
this will not go away unless i use the task master to close application…
if i close the project first and then close cubase itself after then this happens a lot less. to almost not at all …
ah its not that bad … cos as i said before my work has been saved and it is the end of the working day … so its not a drama (yet … :astonished: )
anyway if you find something pls pls post ,

I also beleive that this 'hang-on-close/exit" started around C6.
I always close my [Project], and then close Cubase, but on some occassions it hangs on close.
The remaing O/S windows environment still seems to be operational, you just cannot quit/close the cubase.exe.
…even going to [TaskManager] and doing a kill on the PID does not clean it up (always), and on the occasions the kill does terminate the PID, then restarting cubase is futile, unless you first do a reboot.

I am not convinced that it is the m-audio delta drivers, as (a) they do not change to often, and have worked very well in previous incarnations of Cubase and even OS’es. (b), even on this new worksations I have build (and on previous systems…), none of these issues are seen when using PropHead:Reason6, ie I have never had any issues with starting , or closing Reason.exe, on this workstation build or any other that I have used over the last x years…

I have no trouble in Reason 6.5 either. I wonder whether it is a Cubase thing as if memory serves I don’t recall problems of this kind in Cubase 5.

Further testing leaves me to conclude that the “hanging on exit” problem exists mainly with the 32 bit version of Cubase 7 when run on Windows 8 64bit.

Cubase 7 (64 bit) is working fine here.

I will test in Windows 7 (64 bit) and report back