Cubase 7.10 won't load, SYNSOACC.DLL not found

When launching Cubase I get:

“An error has been signaled by the Projected Objects Server:
File SYNSOACC.DLL could not be located in the Windows system folders.”

I launched eLicenser and it sees Cubase as activated. I don’t see any eLicenser re-install app. I’m dead in the water with projects due. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Uninstall eLicenser from the control panel.

Download the latest from here: and try again.

What he said

for info on synsoac.dll

You may have received a corrupted download or your data flow is garbled somehow. Previous posts are spot on to try.

The information provided on this site is incorrect (the “Windows Process Description” is misleading and both the “Author” and “Version” information" are quite outdated).

Anyway, the tip about re-installing the latest version of the eLicenser Control software that is available from is indeed the best way to go.


I uninstalled and re-installed the latest eLicenser from your link. Now Cubase won’t load at all. No more error but nothing else. Just a brief hourglass and no flash screen or anything else. I then uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase - no change. Very frustrating. I have important projects due this Friday. I logged a support ticket but haven’t heard back. Is there any way to rush that process?


Appreciated, thanks. I didn’t look long. Just a pointer really to other references. I should have just given the search term “what is Synsoac.dll”.

Some ideas…

  • Run a command prompt as administrator and type “regsvr32 synsoacc.dll” without quotes

  • Roll back your PC using system restore. Choose a time point when it was working. You may need to reinstall the ELC if you do this.

  • Plug your dongle into different USB ports.

  • Open Event Viewer and look under Application for any error messages invloving Cubase or the ELC

  • Open a command prompt and type “chkdsk”. If errors are found, type “chkdsk /f” and reboot. If there are errors then you may have a corrupt Windows installation.

  • Make sure the DCOM Server Process Launcher is running. To do this, hold down the Windows key and push R. Then type “services.msc” and hit enter. Find the entry DCOM Server Process Launcher and check that it’s status is listed as ‘Started’ and that startup type is set to automatic.

  • Open a command prompt and type “sfc /scannow”

  • A slightly more drastic option is to do a “repair install”, which may or may not help, and may cause more problems than it solves, but if you are desperate it’s worth a shot. Take a look here:

Thanks Buchanan. I went back to a previous restore point and uninstalled and reinstalled the eLicenser again. Now I can launch Cubase but if I load any file that has mixer channels installed it hangs while loading one. I also got this error: “VST Plugin rejected VST Host”. I opened Sonar X3 and got a the same error it it would load most files. Sonar has a Safe Mode that askes about each plugin before loading. I found several the were causing problems. I removed the problem plugs from the VST folder and now Sonar seems to be working OK. I’m going to reainstall some plugs and do some VST folder cleanup and see what happens.

You could try downloading the latest eLCC, even redownload it if you already have the latest as you could have encountered some corruption on a previous download. Hopefully that’s the simplest solution.
Reading around I suspect that the most likely suspect is the eLCC license or driver but I could be wrong and it could be a plugin as there are many things that use the synsoac.dll apparently as part of the programming (? ish). I don’t know if you can still search the registry in Windows 7/8 where you might find a corrupt .dll but that would be a laborious job anyway. If you have insomnia it might just cure it.
I’m also thinking that your next Windows update might also fix this but you could do a check for updates just in case you missed one.
Best I can think of at the minute without sending you round the bend for three days.

if it is crack , protect the folder cause anti viruses detect synsoacc.dll as virus
you must exclude the folder and in your windows defender allow the file to run
once you learn the cubase , pay for it

Permission issues with SYNSOACC.dll can also be caused when upgrading the eLicenser tool, either by itself or as a bundle with other programs (such as Cubase) or updates that use the eLicenser.
This will manifest as the “An error has been signaled by the Projected Objects Server:
File SYNSOACC.DLL could not be located in the Windows system folders.”

This appears to be a Steinberg install bug, possibly due to not handing over effective permissions to the installer to allow proper SYSTEM and user access to C:\Windows\System32\SYNSOACC.dll. This may occur, for instance, if the installer is launched by another app such as the Steinberg download assistant. The bug will result in the file C:\Windows\System32\SYNSOACC.dll having:

  • A non-canonical DACL: Explicit Deny after Explicit Allow
  • A NULL user which should not exist.
  • Missing Full Access privileges to the login user
  • Denying access to the SYSTEM user for particular operations (such as traversing folders).

If re-installing the eLicenser software fails, a possible resolution is to manually correct the permissions in your C:\Windows\System32\SYNSOACC.dll file:

  • Right click on the file > Properties > Security
  • If prompted, fix any ordering issues with the permission groups
  • Delete the NULL user object if it exists.
  • Delete the “[your computer name] \ none” object if it exists.
  • Edit the SYSTEM object and remove any “Deny” filters if they exist.
  • Edit and add a object with your “[your computer name] \ [login username]” allowing full control.
  • Apply all changes, reboot, and reverify the permissions set above.

Try launching Cubase again and see if the issue is resolved. Note that changing permissions in your System32 directory as shown above can affect security. It would be wise to check the permissions of SYNSOACC.dll against a fresh working install on another computer and duplicate those , adjusting the computer name and/or user name for the permission objects as necessary. You should also contact Steinberg support and notify them of the issue to help escalate fixing it.