Cubase 7.5.20 - Plugin Presets slooooowww

After all the other workslow enhancements in the V7 era,
here’s another ( as it seems ):

Mediocre Bay now needs a measurable time, to open a plugin preset dialog
I see the spinning wheel all the time …
Never seen that before.

Anyone else ??


No problem here. When did this issue start?

Did you try turning off the previewer?

It seemed to start with 7.5.20.
But I recently upgraded my hardware.

Today I found, that the preset window loads slow on all my 3 main screens
( attached to an ATI 6850 with newest drivers ).
It opens instantly on my 4th display, connected to the on chip Intel GPU …
:question: :question:

Aero is on.
Does it use open GL ?? Probably not, as Waves GUIs work flawless, since activating Aero.

Needs more testing …