Cubase 7.5.20

Awesome news.

So, am I the only one excited about what the mysterious reveal of, “several improvements for TrackVersions” might mean?

I will bust into a robotic breakdance if TrackVersions expands to include automation events. :astonished:

Any speculation on what else it could mean? Is there anything that needs to be improved with it, other than that?



looking forward to it

TrackVersions for whole channel ? I know…


Because every thing is working so great right now
and I don’t wanna break things.

So I’ll be watching from ‘up the street’ and ‘around the corner’
till the dust settles.


If you were activating 7.5 for the 1st time, and it was April 10, 2014, would you load 7.5.10 or 7.5.20?


Never Forget

I hope that one visibility enhancement is that you can easily assign a track to visibilty configurations. Now when you create a track it belongs to all configurations and you need to open a config, show or hide the tracks´visibility status and update, and this for every config which can be very cumbersome

Better would be if there was a “visibility configuration assign” function as a track control button where you get a list of available configurations where you easily can assign your track to a configuration of your choice .

As it is now I use PTLE scrips and macros in combination for efficient visibility organisation, it works but I wish for the inbuilt function to be more clever.


I’m looking forward to the robotic breakdance. Will you post that for us? :smiley:

“…It also resolves over 60 issues…”
Wow… I didn’t even realize there were so many issues :slight_smile:


i have a Youtube account and would welcome the views !!! :laughing:

I’d like to be able to switch it on/off as needed. I really don’t like the highlighted box that appears as you mouse over the track name. There’s enough of that visual distraction going on in the mixer.

I am curious about “Several improvements” for the Control Room???

at least trackversions to include automation data, that would be handy.

You know I keep saying to myself that I am going to concentrate upon the music. It’s the music, right? Apparently I have a problem. I can’t stop upgrading or tinkering. It’s like crystal meth only more harmful.

I know that feeling. But for me, I just want a stable system! Then I’ll stop with the tinkering!

Me, I am so happy to find back in this update the stereo rewire chanels, like in SX3. Thank you steinberg!! :mrgreen:

It is easy to become enamoured with the shiny objects and forget what they are for!

I’m not sure how I wiggled out of owning the breakdance promise, but with name like “Majic,” it seems in good hands. :smiley:

Agreed. That said, if they add automation, I’ll be using it a ton (would be a great solution to “remixes”).

(Btw, as a trance head myself, it’s great to see you’re a Cubase user and active in the forums. Love your work.)

Untill you upgrade to the next version :laughing: