Cubase 7.5.3 Snap Point Marker


I’m noticing that in every audio event I record the event snap point positions itself at the first available position according to the Snap value ( first bar If snap value is set to bar, first beat if snap value is set to beat and so on).

That’s fine, but it is also showing up in the waveform display of each audio event in the project window as a vertical line … Which looks like an audio spike. I don’t like it.

How can I get rid of it… Just the indicator. Not that worried about the actual snap point.

I’m sure the snap point used to just be at the event start point, wherever it was… And I never recall seeing the line in the audio event display.


Hi ltf3,

I guess those vertical lines your are talking about are Hitpoints. If you don’t want to have hitpoints automatically detected you just have to disable that function in Cubase Preferences -> Editing -> Audio


The line was always there. But I think Steinberg have changed where it goes. You’re right, it used to turn up at the start but now it turns up on a bar-line. I personally think if you’ve got Snap OFF then it ought to be at the start of the event.

Anyway, sometimes I use Shift-K to reset the Snap point, and if you want to set it to the start of a part then select the part, press L (locate to start of part), press Shift-K. Your Shift-K may be different, can’t remember if this is the default or not!


no, it is the ‘snap point’, that gets positioned as the OP said – not at the beginning of the recorded event.

yes i don’t think that’s the default keycommand for ‘snap point to cursor’… anyway it’s in the keycommands.

These snap points have been around forever. There’s a preference for making clips snap to the snap point OR the clip start. Just have to pick one and stick with it. :wink:

didn’t even know about this, cheers.

Yeah man. It bewildered me when they introduced it. Sorry I can’t tell you where the pref is, I’m not in studio right now. :wink:

I’m interested to know where this option is too. Doesn’t seem like it’s in the Preferences window

I’ll check. I’ll be in studio in a bit

O… K… It’s literally been years since I had to look into this… and I can’t see a preference for it anymore either! I’ll dig deeper…

Seems like it’s gonna make the snap point no matter what and you can’t control it any more. I’m assuming they did this because they added “Grid Relative” to the snap types? Maybe a Steinberg guy knows better.

Thanks for the responses…

The display that bugs me is indeed the clip’s “Snap” marker … not a Hit Point. A Snap Marker has always been placed at the start of the clip so they were never visible in the Audio event unless you moved it. They are useful to mark a point in the audio that is relevant when moving or spotting the clip ( e.g. a door closing ).

This was true in Cubase 7.5.2 … I went back and checked it.

In 7.5.3 the Snap Marker is being now being placed after the clip start ( when recording, for which a Snap Point isn’t often meaningful) … according to the Snap value of the project. I can’t find a way to not show it … and I still hate it … it looks like an audio spike and freaks me out all the time ( hard habit to break…).

I’ve repeated this behavior of 3 machines.

Could SB please look at it.


The strange thing is that I recall old versions putting the snap point on the bar/beat, so I think this is a function that just got missed out from some versions and now it’s back!

You could try a special macro for editing audio parts which first moves the cursor to the start of the part, then moves the snap point to the cursor location, then opens the part in the sample editor.


so is there a preference for getting the snap point to be at the start of the event when importing an audio file?

I’m reviving this thread because this is driving me nuts.

I could have sworn that years ago there was a “Move Snap Point to Event Start” or similar. Now there is only a “Move Snap Point to Cursor”… a real problem if you have 1000s of edits that you want to quantize based on the the event starts… and NOT Snap Points.

Is there no way to set Snap Points to Part Start or similar???


Andrew K

This driving me nuts too.
I do lot’s of sound design resampling stuff, by recording output. Recorded sample doesn’t default it’s snap point to the start of the sample. Anyone have an idea how to solve it?

This has just happened to me for the first time ever. I’ve spent 30 minutes reading forums, and the Cubase manual, but none of the instructions in either place seem to work. The manual SAYS if you go into the audio editor the snap point will be visible, but it isn’t. So I can’t move/remove it. Anyone else figure this one out?

i just go the beginning of the event while selecting it and use my keycommand to move the snappoint to the project cursor. (the KC is under Audio > Snap Point To Cursor.)

Anyone figure this out, other than with macros? I want snap points to be automatically at the beginning of events by default too. I’m using Nuendo 7 and it’s a similar problem. When I record audio, it automatically places snap points at the nearest grid size. Any way to turn that behavior off? Even when my grid size is 1 sample, it still places the snap point 1 sample after the event start.