CUBASE 7.5.30 Flickering Timeline

I still have a flickering timeline - i need a help how to make it smooth - have a ATI RADEON 4870 1 GB graphic card

Yep also have this behaviour, I use a big fat NVidia GTX660 OC 2 GB card. The flickering was in 7.5, 7.5.2 and also still in .30 release.

As reported in this is not forgotten, but yes, it is taking a long time to get it fixed. My understanding is that in order for the flickering issue to be solved, other things have to be changed first.

Also, what I understand is that this is not related to the relative power of the gpu you’re using.

To bad they didn’t fix it. Sometimes I cannot see the timeline at all (running edit window full screen on 2560x1440 pix).

I hardly complain, but this thing is very important to many users, so I thought this is the time I have to raise my voice :wink:

Greetings Menoj

I think this is the only bug that annoys me alot.

OK - good to know ! Thank you very much !