Cubase 7.5 64 Retrologue + Padshop pro

Hi Guys,

Just installed Cubase 64 and for some reason Retrologue and padshop pro have not installed.
I’ve uninstalled and installed Cubase again and have had no luck.

Would i be better to install Cubase 7 then update to 7.5. :question:

They both are native to the cubase installer package (but just padshop (not the pro version that has a seperate license))

  • When you press F11 you don’t see them (in the subfolder “synth”) ?
  • On the Devices menu, you will find an item called “Plug-in Information”. Selecting this opens a dialog listing all the available VST compatible plug-ins in your system (including VST instruments), along with all MIDI plug-ins. You do not see padshop or retrologue listed there ?
  • are the dll files in your vst3 folder?

If the problems is still there, please share info on operating system and the kind of install file you used.

kind regards?