Cubase 7.5 & 8 CRASHING when opening Project file - HELP!!!

Hi Everyone, i need some urgent help!

I finished working on a project file this morning - only to come back to clean a few things up this evening.
Apon opening the project file cubase crashes before even opening the project.

Ive tried cubase 7.5 & the upgrade to 8.

Ive tried it on 2 different systems, and i’ve held opening in safe mode.

Can someone please help as to why this is happening?
And yes - all my software is 100% legit.

Please help!!!

Are you able to open any of the .bak backup files? If so, try to determine what changed between the latest openable backup file and the .cpr project file. I did this once and was able to track the problem down to a VST instrument (Lounge Lizard EP-4).

Did you used Slate Digital plugins on that project ? If yes search forum for resolve.

no i don’t use anything from slate.

I can’t open any of the back up files… :frowning:

I’m thinking it must be a VST that triggering something - if it is something thats causing it to crash, how do i fix it?
Ive only been using Sylenth and Nexus

to be honest - the whole operating system is crashing alot. something must be wrong - can someone from Steinberg please help???

Easy to “fix.”

Locate your various plugin folders, work on the largest one first.

Just temporarily move half of them out. Check if the project loads. If so, the problem is with a plugin in the half you moved out.

If it doesn’t load, move half of the remaining out.

So on and so forth until you find the one plugin that’s not playing nice with Cubase.

Then, make sure you have the latest version of that plugin and/or reinstall it. Try again.

If it still won’t load with that plugin, move the plugin (again), load the project, replace all instances of it (shows as “!!!name of plugin!!!” in Cubase) with some alternative, or nothing. Save project, reboot and try opening it again. Should be “fixed” so to speak.

At any given point in time, there will be some plugins in the world that won’t work with a given version of Cubase.

Lol, about 6 months ago there was one plugin developer (who I won’t name) that literally did not ever test his plugin in Cubase. It wouldn’t remember its settings in any version of Cubase. Hahaha.

I called him on it, in a forum, and he acknowledged it and fixed it about 2 months later (which is pretty awesome).

Remove Maschine, if you use that. It crashes my maschine.

It is a plug in some where. There are some that will load and work great, sometimes even open the next day but the third time causes lock up on loading. You can watch the loading box and see where it starts slowing down. Sometimes it is a channel loading a reverb plugin. I’ve had load problems in the past with Tassman, Real Guitar and Density Compressor
Good luck

Have you noticed if it’s a X86 plugin? Possibly crashing the VST-Bridge. And you do mention Nexus. Have you updated it to the 64bit version? This could be your plugin. Also check sylenth and make sure you’ve updated that to 64bit too. Anytime you can get away from having to bridge plugins the better off you’ll be unless your just on a 32bit machine. Also Kontakt is another known plugin that will crash a project on opening the file. Seemed to only happened after opening a project that contains kontakt after closing another project. but is usually fine on initial launch. hope that helps any.