cubase 7.5 activation

Hello to everyone here! i’d just get to the point now. I think i am in a trouble here as i could not activate my cubase 7.5… i purchased a “CUBASE 7.5 update from CUBASE 7” from the steinberg shop but the thing is, i dont have cubase 7 in my pc; however cubase 7.5 got installed but when i plug in my newly bought usb elicenser and entered the activation code provided in my email, it says that ‘no licenses found to upgrade’
Please someone tell me what do i do now? there is no CUBASE 7.5 alone itself to buy from the shop… all purchases for CUBASE 7.5 are like upgrade from 6 uprade from 5 upgrade from 7 etc.

hi there,

you need to purchase a full version of Cubase 7 from a local dealer, otherwise you will not be able to use the update at all as it is not a full version as you already mentioned. If you let me know where you are located I can help you find one.