Cubase 7.5 and HALion Sonic SE Content Downloads - SOLUTION

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as there are already many topics about this issue, I’m creating a new thread with the solution. If your download of HSSE Content failed and you can’t download it from your shop account again, it is probably because you are using a “Download manager” that corrupted the first download and every subsequent attempt to download. Please avoid the use of download managers to download from our Online-Shop!

On the other hand we have now downloads available in our website:

Have fun with Cubase!

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Hi Luis, I downloaded and activated the Cubase 7.5 update successfully but the Halion download stopped (after 7 hours!) with 15 minutes to go, and wouldn’t resume. I was not using a download manager. Is there any way I can resume the download for the Halion zip? - I have most of it and I don’t want to spend all day downloading again.

Are there options on the iso to just install Halion? I really don’t relish the idea of a 7 gb download :frowning:


This worked for me and now have trip presets installed-could have made life a lot easier if they where in the 7.5 DMG update file? or is that not technically possible?

Hi Luis,

There’s still seems no 7.5 upgrade DL available for grace-period users, only a full install.

Tried now 4 times to download 6 GB without success. With or without DL manager, all fail at some point.
Only have a ADSL connection giving some 600 kB/s.

Why is there no option of the (900MB) upgrade?

HI Robert it took 4 goes for me to download the HSE2 File -connection kept cutting out. I have safari so able to resume but still a pain. On the bright side the trip presets have some great arrpegiators!

Hi John,

Yes, looking forward to give 7.5 a try. Use Chrome, which also has DL resume. But things got stuck already after some 500 MB…
Oh well, understand that Steinberg servers are still sweating :slight_smile: Still, a smaller true upgrade DL option would be great for those not having a 100MB/s connection…

Hi Robert,

the download from the grace period page contains C7.5 + the HSSE2 Content, which is why it’s much bigger than the 900MB Update version from the shop. You can download the ISO images from the download site instead, which at least are 2 separate downloads.

Hope this helps!


Thank you Luis,
yes the alternative download links worked fine. Now exploring 7.5 :slight_smile:

Would you also please add the Cubase 6.5 ISOs to the page It would be great to have an ISO of 6.5 so I don’t have to install 6.0 each time and then apply the update :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps!

I bought Hyper Sonic 2 for 250 EUR in November! Why I must pay another 50 EU now for updating Cubase 7 to Сubase 7.5? Halion Sonic 2 is already in there five times cheaper!


EDIT: Sorry, just to be clear. I didn’t mean this post, I meant trying to download this in an efficient manner.

OK, Ill ask it. If Ive downloaded the 7.5 Update and the HS stuff and it installs just fine, Do I have to download and install the ISO’s as well since it seems theres a HUGE size difference?

Why are the updates with Cubase such a convoluted mess every time??? :confused:

It’s actually not too bad mate. No you don’t need to grab the ISO if you already have the 7.0 disc / ISO and the 7.5 updater.

The ISO is handy to have if you ever re-install from scratch again since it will let you install the full 7.5 without installing 7.0 and then having to apply an update. Most other software of a large size works the same way to be honest.

It’s good that Steinberg provide fresh ISOs of their 0.5 releases, which is why I’m trying to get my hands on the 6.5 ISO too since I currently have to install 6.0 then apply the 6.5 update. Certainly no big deal, but a nice to have :slight_smile:

I went ahead and grabbed the ISO’s as well, that way I have the full 7.5 WiTHOUT having to have 7.06 there to update to 7.5.
I’ll keep it on a backup drive


I own Halion 5 and HS2. do I need to download HS SE2?


That’s exactly the question I wanted to ask. May be I’ll extend it a little bit: Do I need to install the HS SE2 content? Any new content available?


No, HSSE 2 is only for Cubase 7.5


Sorry, I forgot to mention that I bought C 7.5


then yes.


Hi Luis, do you know if there are any news on the fix for MR816csx drivers regarding OS X 10.9 Mavericks? …can’t spot any difference after installing Cubase 7.5