Cubase 7.5 and Ozone 4

Need help. Cant get my Cubase 7.5 to see Ozone 4.

Add your system details to your signature so we can see what you are running. This will make troubleshooting easier.

Thank you very much. Just did.

Search for ‘Izotope Ozone 5.dll’ in the file system. This will be the correct vst plugin path.

I have Izotope 5 also and it see it but i have older session that had Ozone 4 and i selcted the right plug in folder path for it and it still doesnt see it.

Did you use the ‘Update’ and ‘Update Plugin Information’ buttons on the plugin manager? I take it that Ozone 4 shows up on the VST Plugins page but Ozone 5 does not?

Sorry… Just re-read this. Do you mean you can access Ozone 5 but not Ozone 4?

yes i can see 5 but not 4.

I see… I do not have both 4 and 5 installed so this is only guessing. Do the 4 and 5 dlls share the same folder? If so, what happens when you move the 5 dll to a temp folder and rescan vsts in Cubase?

no 4 has its on folder so does 5.

Are both folders visible to Cubase’s vst manager?

Maybe you can migrate the preset (or custom setting) used on the Ozone 4 project into Ozone 5 ?

Might want to ask the folks at Izotope what they would recommend.

yes both folders are visible to Cubase vst manager

i cant cuz i cant even open 4 it says its missing.