Cubase 7.5 and Rob Papen Punch 2 - How do I create separate outputs for snare, kick etc?

So I’m currently on Cubase 7.5 (about time I upgraded, I know). I generally use Groove Agent for drums and chopped samples, and have each sound (kick, snare, hat) on a seperate output channel.

The other day, a friend gave me Rob Papen’s VST pack - Explorer 6 as a gift.

I’m having trouble making separate outputs for the drum machine - Punch 2 Multi, as I would have done in Groove Agent. There is an output section, but as yet I’ve been unable to make separate outputs for my sounds. I’ve read the manual, and can’t find and answer.

If anyone uses Punch 2 and Cubase (regardless of version) and could shed some light on this, I’d really appreciate it!

I’ll email Rob Papen also and see what I can find out.

Many thanks.