Cubase 7.5 (Artist) is not recognizing VST's.

I recently downloaded Komplete 11 Ultimate, and the only things that are showing up in the list of VST’s (within cubase) are (what i’m calling) minor effects (such as RC 48, RC 24, driver, etc) and Komplete Kontrol. I use a Mac OS X with Cubase 7.5 artist. I’m confident I have komplete installed in the correct folder (/library/audio/Plug-ins/VST). I’ve attempted deleting a Blacklist file, but it only reappears after reopening. Any suggestions. Please help this is a nightmare. NI keeps insisting this is on steinberg’s end.

Are you sure your folder location “(/library/audio/Plug-ins/VST)” is being recognized by Cubase? That folder must be listed in the Cubase “Devices>Plug-in Manager> VST 2 Path Settings” menu. If not you need to add it there then hit recan or just restart Cubase.

If your software is showing up on the Cubase blacklist then that is a whole different issue which I will not be able to help you with. Especially if you can’t delete it off the list. Sorry.

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Yeah, It’s in the correct folder according to my plug in paths. This is already beyond me, as i’m not much a of computer tech. Thanks for trying to help.

When you look in that folder (using windows explorer) do you actually see the “kontakt.vst” file (not sure what it is actually named but it will have a .vst or .vst3 extension)? I ask this because you might think you installed the .vst there but maybe you somehow installed the sound library there by mistake and the actual .vst file is located elsewhere.

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I’m using a Mac. So when I go to the files themselves, I have an purple Icon that’s shaped like a electrical current with electricity jumping from one node to another, and each is labeled “X”.vst (“X” corresponding to the title of the plugin) . Example . “FM8.vst”