CUBASE 7.5 completely screwed

Whenever I go to edit a channel to bring up the eq and inserts etc… the window is about 7 monitors long. I cannot resize the window

Please please help

Cubase is unusable because of this bug!

I would really like a refund. I’ve had enough of these kinds of bugs and lack of support.

Or you can try to:
Alt + Click (and hold) in the flip down menu in the Channel Editor.

There will be shown an additional menu option > Reset Channel Settings Window (Careful!!! Not Reset Channel… - This will change your channels mix values).

Then save your song/project.

Good luck.

@TimG2014 There are two things you can do to reset the Channel Edit window.

iBM posted while I was editing, his is the preferred method.

If the Functions Menu (“Flip Down menu”) is not available for some reason, you should initialize Cubase prefs:

(Since you did not include any system info this is the long version)

First open the Preferences dialog in Cubase and click “Store” to save a preset to back up your user prefs, and thern quit Cubase.

Now rename the Default.xml (I do xDefault.xml).
(On Mac it’s located at /Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase 7.5/
on Windows:

Open the “Run” command prompt.
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8: Press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously.
Windows XP: Select ‘Run’ from the Start menu.
In the command line of the ‘Run’ window, enter this path: %appdata%/Steinberg
Locate the folder which is named the same as your Cubase/Nuendo version.

In that folder is the Defaults.xml file, delete it or rename it to force Cubase to reset to defaults.

Now relaunch Cubase, the Channel Edit window should now behave nicely again.

Next, open the preferences dialog again and load the Preference Preset you previously created. Your preferences will be restored, with some minor exceptions, and you should be back in business.

thankyou. i could not resize the window but the ALt-click ‘reset window size’ thing worked.

thankyou for the tip