Cubase 7.5 crashes constantly

Hi, I worked for a week or so with Cubase 7.5 (upgraded from C6) and now it crashes constantly. Mostly when I
edit an UAD plugin. I installed the last version of Cubase Cubase (7.5.30) and the last UAD software / Firmware.
I dumped the Preferences and had Cubase rebuilt them, now I really don’t know what to try anymore. Any Suggestions?

I work on an 2008 Mac Pro, 2x2.8 GHz Quad core, Mountain Lion10,8,5, Rosetta 800, Big Ben,
Here it one of the crash reports:

Aloha S, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

Long shot here but if you have not already done so, try repairing ‘Permissions’.

Yes, I know this is usually just to help with Apple stuff but in the past
I have had it help with some 3rd party conflicts as well.

Give it a try. Can’t hurt.

what do the UAD folks have to say about yer prob?

Good Luck!

… contacted UAudio and they said, they will consult their knowledge base. Did the permission repair,
unfortunately does not make a difference.

One interesting thing I just found out, namely that in Ableton the UAD Plugins work fine, I can edit them and nothing crashes. But in Cubase they load (when I open up older sessions) and process the audio fine as well, but as soon as I open one plugin up and turn a know or so, it takes 1 to 5 seconds and C7.5 crashes … must be Cubase then, no?

Yup. I get lots of crashes with UAD plugs too. It might be my imagination, but it seems to happen a lot right after closing the plug in window…

I am on 7.5.2. I will try updating to 7.5.3 tomorrow and report back in a day or so.

So it’s not just me! I’ve been able to use one UAD plug-ins with no problems (Pultec) but when I load the 1176N, click on it once to edit, Cubase crashes. Anybody figure this one out yet? From other posts, it looks like this is due to a conflict? I’m using Cubase Elements 7.

My experience with 7.5.30 on the Mac is that it is quite buggy. I installed that version and started having lots of problems. Since I rolled back to 7.5.20, things have gone well. I had 7.5.20 before 7.5.30 so I am not sure it will work for you, but I deleted the Cubase 7.5 file from the applications folder and then installed 7.5.20 and it worked.

Great info/solution j!

Should be a forum ‘sticky’ because a number of users have stated
that they started having probs since the .30 update.

It would be nice to let them know that it is possible to ‘roll back’ to .20.

Good Luck!

I think that it is safe to say that 7.5.3 has been a problem for many a Cubase fan. I have rolled back as well. I really hope that they get an update out soon. Seems to be taking a minute.

One of the problems (which has been confirmed by Steinberg) was that the midi timecode sync, when turned on for external instruments, cause major problems. Frankly, I am surprised that more people have not noticed this. I am beginning to think that no one uses traditional hardware anymore.

My UAD/C7 crashing was very noticeable/frequent with 7.5.2.

Anybody figure this one out yet? From other posts, it looks like this is due to a conflict?

I don’t believe it’s with any one specific UAD plug-in. The instability is very random here. Again, seems to occur mostly when closing a UAD GUI window.

I’m having huge issues as well. I installed 7.5.3 hoping it would resolve them but it made things worse. Cubase is quitting randomly in the middle of songs, no rhyme or reason to it at all.

I am using UAD as well. The GUI for the plugins disappear and i have to close and reopen the windows to see them again.

Also randomly, whenever I edit anything on screen (cutting, dragging, ANYTHING!!) the whole screen turns white so I can’t see what i’m doing. Rebooting the program helps for a little while.

Very frustrating not to mention totally unusable. I’ve been with cubase since VST3.6 and this is the worst it has been, at least in my experience.


So are all you guys on Macs?
I haven’t seen this at all in Nuendo 6.53…knocking on wood right now.

Nope. Windows 8.1 here. All ssd drives, 32 gig 2400 ram, 3930 i7

If you need a copy of 7.5.20 for the Mac…here’s where:

I get very frequent (3 times a day). When I do a Win Debug and trace through the Crashdumps it usually points to VARIOUS UAD plugins. (API Vision, Fairchild 670 are two that come up a lot but thats cause I use them a lot). Anyway it points really to either a UAD software framework problem for plugins or a UAD driver problem. Because I use Windows on a BOOTCAMP MAC all the support replies from Steinberg and Universal Audio say they wont support me doing that… so…

I’m interested to know others are having similar problems.

Crashes started with 7.5.2 for me… (and unresolved since)

Have an email in with UA support to see what they say.

has anyone had any further resolves on this? My cubase 7.5 and 8 crash constantly. i can’t even open project files anymore its so bad.

this is exactly whats happening to me now - did you get a fix for this? i’m on a MAC