Cubase 7.5 + Cubase IC Pro + FD Fader recommendation.


I just recently purchased cubase IC pro for my iPad so I can use it as an alternative to keep my arrangement window free of the mixer console.

Everything works great (it could be a bit snapper with is visual feedback but Im sure it will be optimized in an update) but something it is really lacking for me, the white 4 focus track lines below the fader! We have it on the arrangement window, the mixer window, but on Cubase IC Pro we are blind on which tracks our fader is focused on. This would be great addition to not only continue the expected flow of how cubase works, but an solid marriage between the FD fader and iPad device keeping both relevant working together.

Thanks for listening.



You may find it more productive to move this comment to the IC Pro page:


I use 4x FD modules in conjunction with an Android tablet running TouchDAW. Waiting for Android IC Pro, but I already know it won’t be as responsive as TouchDAW. On the plus side, it’s dedicated to Cubase (unlike TouchDAW, which is generic) and therefore capable of a much higher degree of customization and of remote-controlling virtually anything.