Cubase 7.5 Download / Box / Online Store

Ok I pays my money to get the software after the website crashed so many times today.

when I do get to the end of the process although the upgrade said it was a boxed edition I end up with a download edition.

queried this with the payment company and it was confirmed that this was in fact a download only option no boxed set avalable.

Having thought about it I think wow I was a mug who has just got swiped for £41 for an update!!

how do I put a download under the Christmas tree?? any ideas will be gratefully accepted!

Put it on a USB key?

If you don’t want it to look like your giving someone a cracked copy, print out the activation code and put it in a card.

Just burn some DVD’s with the upgrade including licens number. Put a nice Christmas card in the case, and wrap some paper around it. After all, if you want to give Cubase 7.5 away as a Christmas gift, I don’t think people will mind having a burned DVD with it. It’s the content on the DVD’s that counts… yeah man :slight_smile:

Johnstaf said it… put it on a usb dongle. Much software comes like this these days.


In the spirit of wise words from the great Justin Timberlake:

Step 1: Cut a hole in a box (or, if the box has a lid, use that).
Step 2: Put Cubase in that box.
Step 3: Let them open the box.

he he good ideas making me feel better already! :laughing:

Is this a joke thread?

no. just felt cheated that’s all with this upgrade that it did not come boxed nor a disk.

but in effect you are paying for an update not an upgrade!

The point has been made you pay for an upgrade if you were moving up from version 7 to version 8.

Steinberg wants its cake and eat it buy pushing out a .5 edition.

No other software out there that I know does that.

Personally I prefer a physical disc to a download.

You could burn it to a DVD.

It has been proved that some writable DVDs are better than others and some are nigh on useless.

USB keys are ok until you drop them in your cup of tea and then it is knackered.

I was making lite that people had given suggestions what to do with my download copy as it doesn’t fit under the Christmas tree.

Some people could be offended by just getting a download as it looks cheap.

Perhaps if Steinberg took the lead from Photoshop Elements, Mcafee and offered the software on a gift card that at least looks like you have bought something legit.

At least with Photoshop Elements I can look at it see someone has spent the money, it is activated, yes I have to download it still, but to me it looks like a gift card.

Think about the nature.

An envelope (recycled paper) and a hand-written letter (recycled paper) with the serialnumber and the download link makes it more personal.

No box, no trash. Feel great to gift someone with a present while preserving mother nature’s resources.

7.5 is an upgrade because it contains new features, rather than bug fixes alone.

Think of the chemicals it takes to re-use used paper … it’s not quite the eco boost you imagine.

I’m all good with downloads. And if you absolutely have to kill some trees then go out of your way to get the unwrapper a nice experience by putting it on a dvd and maybe going for a printed carton or something like that :slight_smile:

Gave my friend two purchased and downloaded steinberg synths a while back as a gift, i don’t think he minded too much not getting the box… (And he was really pleased :slight_smile: )

I seem to recall the 6.5 upgrade being faaaaaar more expensive… (I only had elements at the time so didn’t get to pay for that but still…)

To some this is apparently Cubase 8 with a knockdown price of only an upgrade. (glass half empty, glass half full brigades, join what you feel you should).
Where is the written rule that the whole or point 5 version numbers mean jack anyway?
I like the bugs. They keep timewasters occupied posting here telling Steinberg how to do it instead of effing up the studio telling the musicians how to play. :mrgreen: And everything that needs to work, works.
Lighten up boys.

This whole conversation is moot anyhow since you can’t buy Cubase 7.5 in a box anyway, that is off-the-shelf, never mind Christmas trees.

Q: But I went to the checkout, coming from 6.5, and it gives me the ‘boxed’ version option, which I selected. Is this not the case? Does this mean I will get the box version of C7 and then need to download C7.5? …or is it all a download?

Actually Cubase (X) to Cubase (X+Y) is an update, and Cubase Artist or Elements (X) to Cubase (X) is an upgrade, if we’re using the terms the way SB uses them.

You’ll get a boxed version if that’s what you chose. Updates from C7 are by download only.

From the official web page:

Cubase 7.5 and Cubase Artist 7.5 > update > released


The award for making the most sense, as well as being spot-on accurate, goes to Steve (from Chicago).

Probably depends where you’re located… Can imagine that if you’re from the US you behave differently than in Northern Europe, Austria or Switzerland.

Nevertheless, even if there are chemicals used, it’s still better than a box with DVD and all that stuff, I suppose.

Getting off topic, but …

Bleach is still used in some countries, but for the last couple of decades most European countries use enzymes for recycling, those have no ecological side issues, and gives you a better product anyway, less acidity issues and longer lifetime. Bleach and other iffy chemicals are actually more common in the manufacture of new white paper than recycled.

The recycled paper packaging that is used by Steinberg, Sennheiser and a few others is actually of a better quality than a new one because of the higher variability of the fibre content.