Cubase 7.5 download link not available after failing dloadin

Hi there,

My download failed and i’m not able to download Cubase 7.5 (mac installer) anymore . link expired.
Tel and mail support seems unavailable…
Could you give me a new link ( via mail ? )



Hi rpaillot805,

you have 90 days to download and redownload your purchase before the link expires. Please try it again.


Hi Luis, thanks for answering.

Unfortunately the link doesnt work anymore. What I get is "the link expired, please contact support "

In the mail I got after purchasing, I get this link
where I’m supposed to get the download links. Unfortunately the link for Cubase installer / both mac and PC doesnt appear anymore. Only halion sonic 2 download link is available ( which I didnt download yet )

I guess my only chance is something only you can do :wink:
I can give you my steinberg shop email via PM if you want ?


I have the same thing…I downloaded the update but the HSE content has failed and now I have an expired link.

Please advise

I tried Asknet who have simply responded

Thank you very much for contacting asknet Customer Service.

Questions related to the use of the software you purchased are the responsibility of the technical support of Steinberg.

Have completed a support request with Steinberg but what are the chances of a quick response there!

I have the same thing…I downloaded the update for PC but the HSE content has failed and now I have an expired link. The links for Mac are available.

Please advise

+1 … but the paypal function work fine !..


the downloads are now available in our website:


I have contacted Asknet and made them aware of issues. Usually, they have to offer support here because they host the downloads. However, I just got off the phone with them and some of theses issues seem to be related to download managers being used. Simultaneous donwloads can lead to an unavailablility of the downloads because the max. amount of download attempts has been reached.