Cubase 7.5 e-Licensor Control - Error


Many times upon starting Cubase 7.5 I get this error:

e-Licensor Control - Error

Application ReverenceLibrary01 has caused the following error:

A required license has been disabled. Please verify your local date settings and start the “eLicenser Control Center” to validate the license.

I click OK, then another error pops up…

Decryption Failed

ReverenceLibrary01 is part of the default Cubase, it is not something that shows up separately in the e-Licensor.

I unplugged the USB key, and reset it.

I use Windows 7.

I can still click OK through the errors and most everything works. But sometimes the computer freezes after this and I have to close Cubase down in task manager. If I keep reopening Cubase, the error goes away sometimes. It is like half the time I get the error. But reopening Cubase all the time is not good, as I use EastWest instruments and that can take a while to load sometimes.

I have read very little about this error here in the forum. So I wonder if there is any other option. I run a clean system with nVidia video, and an ASUS sound card.



Hi Steve!

Insert the usb license key in another usb port.
It might solve the issue.

Best Regards

Hi Freddie,

Thanks, I moved it to another port. First try it seemed OK. It reinstalled the driver for that port.

Being a computer guy myself (I write software but not drivers), is there any tech explanation for this? Would it be defective hardware in my system, or something in the software or driver? Has Steinberg given any thoughts on this error? As I said, I saw very little about this in the forums.




can you please try the following steps?

– Boot the computer with no USBe-Licenser connected
– Uninstall the eLicenser Control Center from Programs and Features
– Reboot the machine
– Install the latest eLicenser Control Center (
– Open the eLicenser Control Center and perform the recommended maintenance tasks

I would guess something went wrong with the eLCC installation or the eLCC database update.
I do believe it’s not a physical problem with the dongle or a problem with the license.

Kind regards,

My dongle became damaged and was unable to load cubase 7.5 (Mac). I bought a new dongle and registered but can not transfer my program codes to new dongle. My Steinberg shows my programs registered on my old dongle.
Any help appreciated!

Thanks for the reply Fabio and sorry for the delay. I had to play around with it.

I did full reinstalls/repairs of Cubase, and also did as you instructed. After I did your remove/reinstall of the eLicenser, it seemed the errors stopped! However, I did start to get a new error. On startup of Cubase, a Control Room window would appear, then after a moment, I would get a notice “cannot locate reverb impulse response file” and it would give the error for the default effect, such as LA Studio, or Austrian Concert Hall…etc.

But the eLicenser error seemed to be gone. I would just Cancel out of the error and but every time I started Cubase I would get this window and it bothered me. Nothing I could do would get rid of it, including the full reinstall of Cubase. I spent a few hours on this! Finally, I deleted the default.xml file from my C:\Users… folder, and that cleared the “cannot locate reverb impulse response file” error, but then sure enough, the eLicenser error came back after that. So it seems to be one or the other!

Thanks, and I am not sure what to make of this.


Hello Steve,

I could recommend a couple procedures for problems with the content, but the message seems to point in another direction… would be better if you contact support either by calling us, if you are in one of the countries listed at the link below, or by sending a support form via MySteinberg (e-mail is also fine).



please, refer to this link:

If you have doubts I would recommend to call us (looks like you are in the UK, correct?).

Your new dongle should have a 25 hours (not one day, but 25 full hours of use) on it which will allow you to run the software (SZDT would also generate such a 25 hours activation code, though).

Kind regards,