Cubase 7.5 - Editing the Mod Wheel after recording


I’ve researched (manual and forum) and haven’t been able to find an answer, I’ve come close on the forum but I think I might be missing something obvious that everyone else might know already because it seems like this always gets passed up for more advanced discussion. I’m using Cubase 7.5 on a PC.

If I record a midi track and use the Mod wheel, in this instance it’s in HSO and I used the Mod Wheel to have the volume of a Cello fade in the first bar or two. How to I edit or delete to do another take later down the line? I’ve run into a similar situation with the sustain pedal (when punching in if it was on and I held it down it toggled it off).

I’m brand new to using the tonewheel and Mod Wheel so I don’t know if maybe there’s just a place in the Midi editor that I’m missing. I can see the lines up and down in the track in the arrangement but when I open it to edit, its just the midi notes and velocity. I couldn’t find the sustain pedal in there for past scenarios either or I could have just edited it/drawn it in.

Bonus question - is there an easier way to fade in a midi track (other than mod wheel or read/write using the fader), kind of like you can an audio track, or is the mod wheel or read write the way to go on that? If so any preferences or tips/tricks would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Never mind, I found there is the menu for the mod,pitch,etc. I didn’t realize that was there.