Cubase 7.5 - Eucon News?

Hi, since Cubase 7.5 brings a lot of new Features like Track Versions and The VSTi Quick Controls.

I found that the Quick controls are refelcted immediately on the Euphonix MC Control which is of course great.

On the other Hand the Track Versions in the Inspector cannot be expaned/shown and manipulated as it seems via The MC Control - or am I missing something?

Which brings me back to the GENERAL Question: Why do you - Steinberg - Not provide a complete Remote Control documentation for the Artist Series/Eucon?

Thank you :slight_smile:


+1 :exclamation:


+1 from me too,

one of the main reasons i bought the euphonix mc mix was (and is) the compatibility to cubase and nuendo. i dont even have an avid software produkt. i really hope, there will be some development in this area! it would be really frustrating to have a 1200€ worth controller without any use.

Big up to steinberg, that they have implemented the eucon protokoll in cubase and nuendo! for me, it was the argument to buy the update from 6 to 7.5!