Cubase 7.5 + HALion 5 sync?


I like the new feature in the coming Cubase 7.5 and HALion Sonic SE2 where the track and HALion instrument selection is always in sync - a great timesaver.

Will it work with the current HALion 5 as well?


Oh. I didn’t notice that feature. That would be nice. More than once have I had the wrong slot selected…

Hi there,

yes, this also works with HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5. It just works one-way though. If you select a track in Cubase the slot will change in HALion, but not vice versa.


Two-way sync with HALion would be awesome… or even better: with all VST instruments.

I’m sure it will be implemented in the next HALion update, it would only make sense to incorporate this feature into them…hopefully, lol!