CUBASE 7.5 in Windows 10 (Windows Technical Preview) Nov2014

FYSA: I’m currently running Windows 10 with CUBASE 7.5: Seem to work fine, more to follow.

The Update went well. kind of smooth actually.
eLicencer fussed a bit about finding the “file on hard drive is unrecoverable” or something like that.
I Downloaded and re-install the last version of eLicencer: all good now.

HALion 5, Groove Agent 4, work fine. the UR22 is still there and running as default Sound Card.
The BAMBOO tablet 3 finger instant slide/rotate are now back (not available on Win 7)

I’m running CUBASE 7.5 on a Sony Vaio All-In-One, 24" touch screen (Immediate access to knobs and Sliders in VST’s and Consoles and PADs. I rarely need to assign/CC until any specific VST’s for dial other than permanent CUBASE controls like Volume and Pan.

Hi Vozz!

Thank you for reporting back to us about your BETA testing with new Windows 10 preview-BETA together with Cubase 7.5!

Your BETA testing are very appreciated and I think there are more users then just me that are very interesting to read about how everything is working out with Cubase 7.5 on the new windows platform, Windows 10.

Thanks again and keep up the good work! :wink: :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Aloha V, and a big ‘mahalo’ for the report.

Good to know. My guess is that it will be released in Q2 or Q3 2015.
A lot of people will probably jump from Window 7 to Windows 10, skipping Windows 8.x which has too much of a touchscreen GUI…

Agreed, WIN10 is very convivial in the installation process. and the navigation via the [Start] access is way better for neophyte user. skipping Win8 worked better for us.

Update if ever:
Second Station Setup; WIN10 from Win7. (updating from the Win8, Win8.1, to WIN10 = no joy)
Nov4: Clean Install is very smooth. lost the “Virtual Drive” present in Win7+, to mount disk. :confused:

Again, The transition of Win7 to Win8.1 was brutal for VAIO SVL24 series, it removed all the Bonus programs that came with it. (FYSA: Acid, and Vegas export in AC3 5.1 Dolby file that can be rendered on DVD or Blu-ray also available on VAIO. I use it to integrate CUBASE 7.5 surround sound exported files. Its not DTS Master, but a runaround guitar’s riff is pretty fun to have when the rest is in plain Left & Right display :wink: - I’m still looking to Mount a drive that is not there anymore :slight_smile:

Please allow me to thank you all for this Forum. Members are very civilised, generous to share there trick to help others. so thanks! V.

Nota bene:
If you want to “try” Cubase on Win10 , you might use the opportunity for a fresh and clean install. more chance that it work.

  • I would super recommend to skip Win8 (unless you PC came with it) and go from Win7 Home or Pro to WIN10, but please be my guess to go for it! :slight_smile:

  • Big effort for the navigation (mouse). Still, if you do have a touchscreen, its really well made.

  • A WAC0M Bam00 in WIN8+ allow navigations that Win 7+ don’t have. I’m ok with the learning curve if there is one, but the mouse need to go. it’s the cause of too many chronic pain in workplace environment, to convince me that it is good for everyone.

  • The multi-desktop option, its more than welcome. Its awesome in Ubuntu or any Linux station. An “add +” will horizontally layout them. (yes, its like turning pages… the consoles, VST’s and the controls are all there in a snap, it worth the try for sure anyway. )

More to follow, Hope it help.

Nov 20th, update (because its all recent install)
-We installed SDK V2 for KINECT: Working so far, developing a MIDI live controller that might actually be use for people with disability to control there PC (or MAC in later phases)
-Installed new VST in Cubase: Working so far,
-No significant issue noted, (CUBASE time to time may stop working, True. (Was stopping on Atari as Sequencer back in the 80’s… and still does :wink:
-Replaced the drive for a SSD: Its an upgrade that should have been done before: it appear more stable but surely faster access to sound loading…

Over all: Gradient shade on Wall paper seam odd, (does not affect the interface performance) we loaded as much track as possible and surprisingly? Its working! I feel odd to not have more bug to report because it does not feel like a beta experience. It look good so far.

Please, if anyone have Win 10 Installed and running Cubase, let me know. Thanks In Advance

PS: I also fix my CC64 mute overlap problem using the sustain pedal, as well as the Arturia/Akai Transport controller: It can be fix via the Device Control TAB and the Transport TAB synchronizing tools.



Thanks for the feedback regarding Cubase 7.5 in Windows 10 (beta).

Is Windows 10 expected to be released this year, or early next year ?


Thank you, my friend! :wink:

Thank you for the report how all is working out for you on Windows 10 and Cubase. We all read with big interest, at least I do.

— ************************************ —

Can you please try out this on Windows 10 and Cubase 7.5, and then report back to us?

  1. Please try out how Windows 10 and Cubase 7.5 work with low latency? Do you get better low latency on Windows 10 VS Windows 7 and Windows 8.1? Better performance?

  2. Midi? Does MIDI work great? Tighter? Not that midi were un-tight in Cubase before… :wink:

  3. Example Kontakt 5 or Omnisphere or other VSTI. All working great in Cubase 7.5 on Windows 10?

    4 Audio in Cubase 7.5 and Windows 10? Please playback multi audio-tracks streaming from disk or RAM. Please try out example 15-30 audio-tracks “playback” -in the same time on Windows 10, VS Windows 7, Windows 8.1.

    5.Stability? Does the new Windows 10 feel overall stable?

  4. Windows Zoom “Magnifier” function. (WIN-KEY+ “+”.) Has it improved on Windows 10? The zooming pixel clarity?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards


Thanks for the feedback regarding Cubase 7.5 in Windows 10 (beta).

Is Windows 10 expected to be released this year, or early next year ?


Hi, Sorry I as away.
it is now May 27th and Windows 10 rumors are in good health.
might be release at the same time that Surface 4, its working on phones already, the release might be free if already running or rebate maybe?
found this article in the rumor machine;

Just recieved windows 10 update. Really unsure whether to upgrade on my studio pc :confused:

Hello from Ottawa,
“Do not fix what is already working” people say,
But if I may suggest, a fresh install on a separated SSD like the Samsung 850 pro, and an external drive to transit your DAW library and setting could be a safe and interesting thing to do. It is less stress and it can be done over time. also as the eLicencer is already in place, it just involve a “dual boot” for it, it work awesome for us. Unless you own a VAIO, I strongly suggest a clean install from scratch, no “upgrade” in the case of a DAW. the full Windows 10 .iso is available.

We have 2 mac book pro and love them and even if the Thunderbolt on it is not the best with some graphic when emulating Windows, (we got bugs with HDMI and stuff) Intel is sure working to expend their technology on more than one platform, and that is a good thing since we run on Intel CPUs. We have plenty of application that run only on windows but also need raw computing, I love retina but I started on Atari way back then, then PC took over for us, simply as that.

Our best system is a crazy gaming PC almost all ASUS built, and its really make a BIG difference compare to the laptops or even my Surface pro 3, I don’t thing we will keep running Cubase on anything less than a i7 4797K CPU @ 4.00 GHz with 32 Gig of RAM, and SSD drives from now on. And currently the only 2 platform that support our need at that speed are Linux Ubuntu Studio and Windows 7 to 10 at a reasonable price tag for a DAW at that speed. but that is just us.

If you like tech stuff, there is new stuff coming up at Microsoft, I know its not related to this forum but it might be in near future. We are working on wireless movement detected virtual midi instrument using those tools.
and eventualy : Microsoft HoloLens | Mixed Reality Technology for Business

hope it help, have fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks Vozz. I’ve been meaning to start running my c drive from an ssd. The dual boot method sounds like a great idea although i’ve not done that before. So you can download the full Windows 10 pro for free? Are those Sansungs the best choice regarding ssd’s ? Would only need a 500gb or 1tb one for the c partition. Everything else is on externals.

Yes, SSD 850 from Samsung is a very stable drive. I used a 250 Gig one (1T is way too expensive.) I put all my library on an external LaCie USB 3 Drive and import the sound that I need per project to keep it clean.

let me know if you need a hand, Ill give you my email.

This is a good start:

Its actually very easy to install, on a new drive you can not miss, just learn.

Again, if its for surfing the web and stuff like that most probably an Upgrade is just fine, but if your registry is full of old stuff and “free” application downloaded from god knows where… maybe a fresh install is your best bet. For something demending and piky like a DAW: Go for a fresh install, Change the size of virtual memory to a set amount, old trick (Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10)

You might want to use CC cleaner, you also might want to give a chance to Spartan web browser, It seem that you can wait a bit for installing a firewall and antivirus, but I would go with Comodo Firewall, AVG, and Superanty spiware , and a good scan of the system with ESET online scanner time to time.

here is the link for downloading it.

Microsoft already change the link… the release is near.

Have fun!


Vozz, do you have Asio Guard enabled? I did a little bit of testing with Win10 on my new rig with Cubase 8… everything worked, but I was unfortunately getting performance spikes with Asio Guard enabled. Not sure if this was a Cubase 8/Win10 thing or just a Win10 thing, but all works as expected now that I’m back on Win8.1. Could be a change in the Win10 power settings, come to think of it, as I do keep all the power save settings enabled within Windows and use the Cubase power plan.

I hope Steinberg is testing as well, as I really want to jump to Win10 shortly after release! I have an MR816x interface as well and was able to get it up and running in Win10 without a hitch.

Hi Funky D,
Mine is usually set to “off” but I can check, you sure have a good point on that one thanks for the hint!
I’ll be back with an answer asap, cheers :slight_smile:


Just did a quick search and it seem that ASIO Gard is a long time problem regardless the OS :confused:

Even old posting of 2010 and 2012 are full of frustrating problems, I got use to work around by compartmentalize my project in series of blocks simply because every time I end up enable that tool, we get sporadic non-measurable metrics. We had less bug on older system and version of Cubase by limiting the number of core active on the CPU (Limiting the Number of Cores of Execution)… Unorthodox I admit but I can perceive a link there… Could you please try that for a spin and see if you can perceive the difference between active and off Asio Gard? Thanks

Agreed with you 100%, Steinberg should have by now found a solution or at least an explanation for this recurrent problem, any one else have that problem found a way to deal with it?


Quick update on Win 10 @07/15/2015

BIG difference now that the preview build 10166 is out, last 2 update scared the little Jesus out of me.
Meaning that if you still have a previous old build: make sure you update it.

We also updated the Surface, I really like to run Cubase and Kontakt 5 on it for when I’m on the road again, having a 4K screen that support Windows 10 to a point that it mirror the DAW (excepted for the performance obviously) the precision of the pen and to be able to rest the hand on the screen as you work is really awesome. its also my second touch screen for the slider controller in F3 when I move around with microphone around the studio. (again its a question of what I got used to work with, ratter than “better” than my iPad, that is all) we needed to assess where and how to expend the studio, and running 2 OS did not do the thing for this specific configuration. intel will most probably continue to develop thunderbolt and we hope that hyper possibility of the Surface Pro 3+ will get it.

I have been ask about the zoom tool, and it seem cleaner enough to now use it. please anyone perceive the difference?

Also we can confirm the Komplete 10 Ultimate work fine,
The Sonokinetic Capriccio Alphorn and Ney are rock solid, no freeze yet.
but Kontakt did bug a bit, but I guess the problem is on my side,
Maschine 2.03 work fine, Cubase see the Maschine Mikro as controller but I did not look in to it to much as I found the learning curve to steep. but having komplete 10 Ultimate for 400$ because I get this controller is a good deal considering the total cost of individual VSTs. it is overwhelming on the library side. I mean insane!

Thank you Cubase to support Sonokinetic via Kontakt! Cubase ROCK!

That is it for now.
PS: good news as Steinberg will start deep testing Windows 10, I do not use all the potential of every VST, but to make it compatible for the day i’ll need it is very welcome here.
if it is true that a database is good as those who maintain it, Mea Culpa that I got used to work with Cubase since it was on Atari in the 90’s and I admit getting worried that Cubase would not follow. It feel good when your wish is granted :slight_smile:

For the curious ones, We bought a farmland to install our studio south of Ottawa, the record room have the same amp that Eddie Van Halen had in the 70’s in his rig AKA H|H V800 Mosfet, in a Vox Cabinet 4x 12", and we use Neumann Mics to record in the the UR824. We output at low volume in near field NS-10m from Yamaha with a McIntosh 250 amp. that way regardless if we like or dislike the sound type, are are ALL on the same page for what we can hear… or not! :slight_smile: can’t get a complain from the sound engineer anymore :slight_smile: that alone worth the investment, hehehe. Our favorite guitar is a Steinberger 6 string from the 80’s, vinyl sample are recorded from a B&O turn table in a BeoSound 9000 as preamp directly in the UR824. Our current location is to small for the grand Steinway 1938, (currently in Montréal) but it should be a nice addition when we will record opera voice with a familiar piano sound. personally I just cant wait to place a couple of EMG and humbukers under the table and crank the distortion to the roof :slight_smile: Hey, is all about having fun right?