Cubase 7.5 Initial Impressions

Just spent a couple of hours playing with Cubase 7.5 and I have to say it was money well spent. I didn’t get to all the new features. This is what I’m interested in.

New reverb, best one yet but not as good as a high quality hardware reverb.

Groove Agent SE 4.

YES! When coupled with any 16 pad controller and set for Pattern, it is so much fun to play because not only are you playing single beats but patterns at the same time. Your initial hit is the sample and you could lift your finger and stop right there but if you hold down the pad, it plays the pattern but only as long as you hold the pad down. The effect for me is like being half human and half drum machine. I’m actually going to try using this on parts other than drums. They should make it so it can be used directly as a midi effect on other instruments.

Aloha C,

Kool idea!

Harp/nylon string guitar arpeggios etc.