CUbase 7.5 Install: HS2 trial

On the Cubase 7.5. install disk, there is an explicit link to a 30 day trial of Halion Sonic 2.
That only leads to a downlaod page that links to several product trials, however with HS2, there is only the buy option, not the trial download.
I have contacted support about this days ago but no reply. Grateful for any ideas/answers.


Is there not a setup file in one of the folder? You’ll probably find it in the full HS SE download somewhere.

Thank you for your reply.

Nowhere is there an option to downlaod anything HS2, only to buy.

Try this one: Try HALion Now for 30 Days | Steinberg

I was going to say I am not interested in a sampler really, but the product page says Halion does include HS2. Hopefully in a way that lets me assess its sound library alone, as opposed to embedded in all sorts of sampling weaver.
Thanks much for the pointer.