Cubase 7.5 install without internet connection? (offline)

Hi guys. I just bought the promotional package UR824 + Cubase 7.5 from Thomann. Can I install Cubase 7.5 without Internet Connection? cause in my studio I have 2 computers, but I don`t have internet connection, for secure data files. I have another PC with Internet Connection. What steps I can do?


info on activating USB-eLicenser based products:

You can install Cubase 7.5 on the Offline machine, install the eLicenser Control Center on the Online machine and connect the dongle to that computer in order to download the license to the USB-eLicenser.

Then, move it to the Offline computer to have Cubase 7.5 authorised.

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There is just one small problem with this solution. The Cubase installer appears to be doing some downloading of updates, patches, etc. during the installation process. Offline installation will exclude these.

composer77, I would suggest that you, if possible, temporarily connect your “offline” computer to the Internet and disconnect it when the installation is complete. Then you can be sure that you get the most recent and complete installation.

By the way, is there any reason that you want to beep you computer offline? You loose several useful features, such as the Steinberg Hub and VST Connect, just to mention two.

This was true for the Cubase 7.0.0 discs, the Cubase 7.5 package is complete and does not require additional downloads, as well as the “Cubase 7.5 - Complete Installation” ISO images on the support website (


I did it offline and it was fine. I had a little trouble with the dongle driver but fixed that after an hour. The install was fine. I installed 7 and 7.5 later on.