Cubase 7.5 is now rock solid for me too !


I had several problems with Cubase 7 and 7.5. Program was crashing ramdomly about 50% times when loading projects. Sometimes crashed when insert plugins. I gather plugins like Slate Digital VCC. Some of you reperted that have a problem with Slate plugins others tell no problems at all. So, I decide to reinstall Windows 7 and all stuff, and see what happens.

After Windows reinstall, fresh Cubase 7.5 ISO and only VCC, I start checking my projects. Everything ok. So I continue to install my plugins. Next I’v installed Waves. And problems are back ! Cubase crashed while loading projects. Why ? Waves are so solid to my knowledge. And then I realised that I have licences on iLok2 for Waves and VCC. But Waves have a new licencing cloud system ! So maybe double licences are fighting eachother ? I move my doubled licences (Waves, PSP) to old iLok1 and unattach it from computer. Then notice few crashes and loose hope. But after Windows 7 self update EVERYTHING go to perfect ! No crashes at all ! Beautifull Cubase 7.5 loading my all projects without any single problem ! I’m happy and do disk image to save time in future.

Maybe some of you have similiar problems. Try to check your iLok2 licences, update your Windows 7.

So. After some time Cubase go to unstable again. Im sad now. Today I had about 10 crash while loading project thar I’v made yesterday. I update everytging, iLok2, elicencer, windows7 every update, register clean. No luck. Thinking about swirch to S1…Im tottaly lost with Cubase crashes. Few days of great work, then crash after crash.

After almost 9 years playing with Cubase I’m only an avid hobbyist. But I do deal with computer issues daily and tend to believe many of the “problems” we read about here are not necessarily all Cubase program related but simply that …like people, not all software can play well together. I hope you can solve your dilemma. I’ve done this re-install thing way too many times on systems to have a form of trial and error success. It IS a tedious and trying pain in the butt.

One of the issues I’ve been having is that once in a while, when starting Cubase 7.5, an error message will pop up about not being into find my Waves Licenses.

The option to ‘Skip’ or ‘Try Again’ yields nothing when I click ‘Try Again’.

I have to close & reopen Cubase to get past that message. :confused:

But I’ve had a few crashes & enough issues to go back to 7.0.6 - at least for now. :unamused:

I’m hoping that the next update will fix things up.

I get a similar thing telling me that my 'e-licenser/MP3 encoder corrupted…files changed…blah…blah… etc.

Once I clik ‘OK’ all is well. Everything woiks fine. :slight_smile:


That seems kind of funny - to get an occasional error message, only to click ‘OK’ and have it work fine after that. :confused:
Perhaps I expect a little too much from my computer at times.

I was kind of hoping it would even be doing the dishes for me by now.

Guess not - not even close! :unamused: