Cubase 7.5 learning or tutorial

Hi, live sound has always been my gig. In the last year I have started into computer software but I find help on it very hard to find. Recently I switched from cakewalk to Cubase 7.5 and vst connect pro. I keep getting hung up on issues as soon as I get going on some project I am trying to do. It is very discouraging so I am asking for help if anyone knows a good tutorial program for the Cubase 7.5 that I could purchase. The you tube videos never seem to be the same as my software and they seem to have features that I do not which stops me as I just get started on something. I live in Barrie about 1hr north of Toronto, If there are any Cubase users I could connect with for help also that would be great.
Not giving up!!!

These may help:

These have been a very big help to me, including the version 7.0 ones, which form a great lead in to 7.5


hi check this out - its v5 but it amost similar, she covers different topics
check Ede Sol Media , harold nixon, obedia, on youtube

dont buy now check this videos, read manual it works any doubts use the forum