Cubase 7.5 MAGNETO II sounds wonderful!

Cubase 7.5 MAGNETO II sounds wonderful!

I’m not so much for tape emulation plugins. Tube plugins like SPL Twin-Tube etc… is another story though!
To be honest I feel most tape emulations plugins are more a “gimmick” then that it actually adds something more then little 3D effect and a lot “dullness” to the track that I don’t want. Nothing compare to real tape sounds.

But Steinberg new MAGNETO II that comes with Cubase 7.5 is something extra. I really like this plugin on the MASTER BUS adding warmth and 3D effect. I don’t know if they used VCM technology to model this unit like NEVE-RND Portico plugin. I have heard its has been modeled after a famous 90ths tape machine, though. I don’t know if its Yamaha in-house or Studer A827?

Has anyone else the same “vibe” and experience with new MAGNETO II? Its sure sounds great! :smiley:

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Just me then! :smiley:

I am of a similar opinion as you describe in the first part of your initial post. I must admit I haven’t had time to actually put the Magneto through it’s paces yet.
On another tangent, I heard a couple of well known Eng/Producers (from the analog days) in interview stating that they would no longer use actual tape today because you can no longer get the same quality of tape as one could back in the analog heydays. This got me to thinking, what is being emulated or modelled in these plugin effects - not only what for a machine, but with what medium specifications?

wasn’t the post “THANK YOU STEINBERG!! Cubase 7 and Cubase 7.5 are amazing!!!” enough to express your appreciation for Cubase 7.5? do you plan to raise the bar by creating a dedicated post for each new feature?

and what has this to do with the OP ? there are so many sad sad people in the world that like taking their misery out on others if they have the feel good factor . It’s so sad because some of these sado’s could generally be nice people.

Thanks for the heads up Freddy im not a tape emulation guy myself either but because of your positive attitude try it and will certainly dig it out this evening and feel the warmth :wink:

Waiting for my salary to get 7.5…

… Yeah I’m kind of poor…

We can be poor, but look at the access we have to wonderful sounds such as Magneto!!.. which I’m still waiting to update to as well. We can sound rich!

Love these kind of threads, lets me know someone feels strongly, and that offsets a lot of kneejerk “oh it came with the DAW, cannot be as good as my $300 UAD fake Studer”

Not adding anything but my +1.

Not much of a Tape Emulation guy, either.

I (being old) dealt with the ISSUES of tape - generation loss, top end compensation, noise, bias choices, tape wear, etc - for so long that when digital came into it’s own - I was a convert.

However, there ARE qualities of tape that worked great sometimes.

I am really impressed with the new Magneto . . (used the old one, too, but it’s been a while).

Warmth, dimension, without sacrificing clarity - my opinion.
Impressive for any plug and certainly one included with a DAW as stock.
Nice that it’s in the Strip, also.

Which, off topic, I’m using quite a bit more now that I can control it from my MCUs.
It was Sooo tiny before . .


I liked the original Magneto and I’ll now be looking forward to hearing this one when I’ve upgraded.

I’m hoping Steinberg will re-issue the original ModEcho plugin (with no changes please!) because that one I used a lot!!


Hi All

I also have never really appreciated the “tape sim” thing even though I am old enough to have (and did) used both 2 and 16 track tape machines. However I must say that I took an instant “shiner” to Magneto11 despite not having a clue what the initial “fuss” was all about. Put it across the output bus and thought it was pretty good. That’s my take on it!!!

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Thanks my friend! :wink:

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Right! I tend to use my brain and my ears instead of just looking at the brand! :slight_smile:
A price tag of $300 doesn’t automatically makes it wonderful.

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How do you control the strip from MCU? Is this new with 7.5? Which controller do you use?

Yes. Totally new with 7.5.
I use the MCU Pros and XTs v4.x . . however, these expanded function work with any Mackie Control . . including most emulations - at least according to the reports I’ve heard.

Details here:

This is a Magneto 2 topic, after all.


The more I use it, more I get addicted to it. :mrgreen:

It work and make miracles on separate tracks too in Cubase 7.5. So not only on the 2BUS.
“Track EQ”, “MAGNETO II” and the “Transient Designer” on Channel Strip is one of my favorite plugins in Cubase 7.5.
I often prefer C7-Transient Designer over others like SPL Transient Designer, NI Transient Master, PX-64 Percussion Strip etc…

C7- "Transient Designer sounds really analog and musical like real hardware “Transient Designer”.
The new “MAGNETO II” as good as the Premium-TwinTube that cost $2,099.00 hardware, $199 software that I have too.

MAGNETO II gives you something else, an unique character and they must have done something special with this new plugin like used VCM technology to model this unit, otherwise I wouldn’t like it as much as I do. I’m very fastidious when it comes to plugins and hardware. I only use what sounds best!

So now you know, all you that haven’t update to 7.5 yet. Something special and awesome waiting for you in the new arsenals of plugins when you update to new Cubase 7.5.
“MAGNETO II” sounds like 1.000.000 dollar sound for sure. :wink: :slight_smile:

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Freddie - you have made me curious about Magneto, something I’ve never tried. Please ignore the whiny dr4kan as I don’t see him as a positive contributor. You, however, are a valuable asset to this forum. Thanks. :sunglasses:

Leave the frikkin’ guy alone, will you…? For chrissakes… he’s happy…!! He’s making music, he likes his cubase, he’s thanked SB, he’s a bit excited and he’s happy…! That’s it. Deal with it… jeez…

You can just walk past if you do see another great FreddieH post, can’t you…?

If only some more had done so, in his other thread too, instead of continually weighing in and just trampling all over it, with the result of it being locked.

Go Freddie…!! (oh, and go for those emoticons, like you used to - it doesn’t harm anyone, and you are the ONLY person who does it here; we should know the drill by now; its just a FreddieH thing - its what makes FreddieH, FreddieH…!)

(Sorry - back to topic now…)

I am a big fan of the original Magneto, which I have missed ever since I replaced my studio PC with a Mac. (The original Magneto wasn’t available for OSX)

Does anyone know how to set up Magneto II to behave like the old Magneto? I really liked the old one on overdriven guitars, bass, kick, toms and snare. I am excited about the now one and I have already used it on a mix which I am currently working on, but I haven’t been able to recreate the behavior of the old one. Maybe they are too different?

But regardless of this I am really excited to have Magneto back again! :slight_smile:

Thank you, my friend! :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas!

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Thank you, my friend! :wink:
Merry Christmas!

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