This is a last resort attempt in finding a solution to Cubase unable to replace or prompt for missing WAV files in Groove Agent SE4.

WARNING: This is not another missing file thread in regards to missing vst drum kits, or drum packs, or custom kits.

I have searched online, multiple forums, and have been moved from tier two technical support to the main support center in Germany.

No one has been able to resolve this issue after one week of working with the support team.

The individual WAV files I have selected for my own custom Groove Agent kits no longer appear in Groove Agent SE4 on my project (over 66GB of projects). Cubase does not prompt for missing WAV files when I open the projects. The WAV files are in the Pool, however, this does not help me as I have no idea which file belongs on which instance of Groove Agent SE4. This occurs with tracks I have worked on in the last 3 months, as well as projects from 1-2 years ago.

-Open Cubase 7.5.4
-Groove Agent SE4 (Recent Update) is missing individual WAV samples that I pulled from my own sample library (located on the same SSD drive as my projects) on to each pad

-Rename root folder and project .cpr
-Repair Groove Agent SE4
-Contact Tier 2 Support (no help)

Experienced Cubase users, please advise. I have over 66GB of projects that are missing individual WAV hits.


Cubase doesn’t know if VST instruments are missing samples. You didn’t mention if you have tried this before, but I hope this works for you:

Opening the Groove Agent SE interface and trying to load a kit with missing samples should make this window appear (alternatively, click the red warning icon at the top of the plugin):

Here you can add folders for scanning. Sub-folders will also be scanned, so you can just add the folder(s) where all of your project and/or sample folders are located, instead of having to add them one by one. Unticking “Ignore file time and size” will help Groove Agent find the correct files if your samples don’t have unique names.

Check pages 73 and 74 in this manual for more info on the Find Missing Samples feature:

Hey, Romantique.

As I stated in my previous post, the missing files prompt does not appear. It scans nothing because it literally loads with no samples. There is no red icon, it literally loads as if it was a blank VST when months ago, I had individual WAV hits on each pad in GASE4

In the past, if samples were missing, Cubase would prompt and look for the missing WAV. Now it does not do this.

I’ve read the manual and attempted the troubleshooting. No resolve.

Please advise.