Cubase 7.5 not working / errors

I’ve recently upgraded from cubase 5.5 to cubase 7.5. Unfortunately I am encountering lots of serious faults and issues with cubase 7.5 which is preventing me getting started as very little actually works. i am hopeful that you guys will be able to assist me to resolve the issues. To assist I have print screen shots of the error messages attached.

Yours hoping you can get me up and running :slight_smile:

Have got some of 7.5 functions working. But still cannot get padshop, retrologue, halion sonic SE working. They load into project but then crash and when I try and remove them, nothing happens. I’ve removed all third party vsts. I’ve updated 7.5 with update dated 21 march 2014. Come on someone give me a simple walk through of how to get going. I’m ok on PC but finding 7.5 frustrating has files appar to get sent all over the place. Please assist ASAP

Well if I knew of a 5 minute fix I would certainly send it your way. Problem is I do not. That being the case you seemed to make some progress by getting rid of 3rd party VSTs. I myself might be tempted to uninstall Cubase and reinstall it WITH NO plugs, 3rd party or otherwise. Then fire up Cubase and see if it behaves itself. If not, you have a lot less to worry about in troubleshooting it. If it does work ok you could start adding in plugs and add-ons one at a time and check Cubase after each one to make sure all is well. Obviously if you suddenly have a problem, you might have found the problem. Or at least one of them. Sorry I don’t have any other ideas to help you…

Best of luck,

Complete uninstall Cubase and reinstall it with the ISO’s you can download from the site.

I think there is something wrong in your installation and instead of using bandages and finding the problem, it’s best to reinstall and see if that helped anything.

Don’t forget to backup the important stuff though, like track and EQ templates, if you need to reuse them.

:smiley: Thanks LB and Maxxive. I’ll try out both suggestions. Think I will uninstall all steinberg stuff and reinstall again from scratch. Ill then DL ISO and see if that works.

:smiley: Ill feedback when I’ve tried these suggestions.

Uhm, no, you need to download the iso first… What are you gonna install otherwise? :wink:

Ok thanks for prompt will do ISO fIrst

Hi reinstalled everything and clean PC system totally. Cubase 7.5 is fully operational. happy days :smiley:

Ah that is great news. I have been following the thread to see how it would turn out. Could not turn out any better than this one! Time for you to go make some music and rock on!