Cubase 7.5 on Windows 10?

So, today compatibility for all current Steinberg products is confirmed, after a Win 10 update. But how about Cubase 7.5? Not exactly an ancient version, and I’m not asking for support, simply if it generally runs under Windows 10. Not too much to ask, I’d think? Anyone wanna share their experience if they went for Win 10 already?

how about cubase 6 also?

My question is what update was it specifically that went out via MS Update that fixed it? That way I can verify if I have it installed.

cubase 7.5.40 x64 here
I went win10 just few days ago cause my old pc died
have finished a mix and everything works fine

there’s 2 things bothers me

first is the cubase performance meter jump up and down like crazy, in my old pc(i7-4770k) the same project runing in buffer size 1024 showed stable 50% average load, now with i7-5820K and X99 chipset the average load jumps between 45%~65%, funny thing is when I lowered the buffer to 128, the average load reduce to 35%~40% and the project plays smoothly without a problem, it’s not possible to go down more than 512 on my old pc, so new pc definitely is more powerful but maybe the performance meter is not reliable now?

second is cubase needs to “Run as administrator” for jBridge to work, but that kills drag&drop with cubase, so totally disable UAC to bring back drag&drop means you also lose MS edge and some app like photo viewer, it’s quite annoying.

I hope these can be fix soon~~

Thanks for reporting, andrewtuna. I’ll wait it out a bit longer until more reports come out (and more info on my interface on Windows 10).

with more test and work on going I am sure cubase 7.5 is not efficient in win10 compare to win7.
performance is not stable, I can play a full blown project at 512 buffer size but can’t run single GuitarRig plugin at 128 buffer size without clicks & pops (my sound card is RME raydat).
most of the old project I opened in win10 the performance meter jumping vary from 70%~90%, increasing buffer size doesn’t improve the performance meter behavior.

oh, and I stop runing cubase in administrator mode, it’ll give me warning windows everytime I opened cubase or try to load a jbride plugs but other than that it works without a problem. I don’t use that many plugs with jbride now, just some old vstis I can’t live without so not sure if this fits anyone’s case.

My Cubase 7.5.40 crashes when I try to reload a project after installation of Win10, all updates. When trying to load MixConsole it freezes. Anyone else experienced this?

Hey guys, first post here.
Just installed Cubase 8 on my win 10 x99 i7 5820 and I have the average load going up very quickly while the RT stays at zero and cpu is very moderate.
Did you guys get to sort this out already, especially Andrewtuna?