Cubase 7.5, recorded audio with latency on recording


I’m having a problem right now when I record audio. Everything seems to be working fine but when I record the audio is recorded with quite much latency. I have tried all kinds of latency settings on my soundcard as well as tried the different settings in the audio settings in Cubase without any success.
It should be mentioned that recently my firewire card crashed so I just installed a new one and re-installed windows 7 x64 and all software. Anyone out there that has a solution to this problem?

These are my current settings…
Soundcard (firewire): TC Electronics Impact Twin - settings: low latency, asio buffer size: 256, latency: 5.8 ms
Windows 7 64 bit
Cubase 7.5.20

VST Audio system settings
input latency: 6.281 ms
output latency: 6.961 ms
audio priority: Normal
Multi processing (checked)
ASIO-Guard (Not checked)
Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme (Not checked)
Disk preload: 2 seconds
Adjust for Record latency (checked)
Record shift: 0 samples

// Magnus

I just tried connecting my very old USB soundcard Line6 UX2 and it had the same problem…

I need to fix this ASAP so please…H E L P! :smiley:

A bit unclear to me - it’s the monitoring through Cubase that is high delay when recording?

Or something with clips not placed in the right spot next to other stuff?

I ran the Impact Twin four years ago and remember I put the legacy firewire drivers in Windows in place.
If you remember if you did that before and forgot when reinstalling.

Have you tried a one track project only as a test to start with?
To rule out any plugins in there.

Ran with constrain delay compensation and not etc?

A few things that come to mind…

Thanks for your response Larioso!

It´s not the monitoring. You can actually see that the audio waves falls late on the recorded file.

I just now tried opening a different project and recorded an audio file there…the same problem once again.

I have set the firewire to Legacy already.

Where can I find the setting for the constrain delay compensation?

I´ve never had this problem before. Very strange! Just a few days ago before I got my new firewire I recorded with my old USB soundcard and it worked fine. After installing the firewire card this problem is now consistent…EVEN when I connect my USB soundcard and try to record with. So now I´ve tried 2 different soundcards, one with firewire and one with USB and the problem is still there so it has to be something in Cubase I guess.

Help help help :slight_smile:

Ok, so many new things in new system - like this firewire.

It may report the wrong delays to Cubase.

Make a loopback, audio out cable to audio in - and just record metronome(audio).
That will help you add relevant delays in device settings when looking at grid.

Maybe easiest is to add delay to the track itself first - and when finding the right setting - move to device settings.

Constrain delay is a button on top left toolbar - tooltip will tell you which one.

I clicked the Constrain Delay button and now it works! Superb!! Thanks a million for you help!

Your welcome.

Hello, if Constrain Delay worked, then you most probably have a plug-in which induces latency.

To check which one it is, you can have a look in Devices -> Plug-In Information (Latency column).

Once spotted, you can either disable it or replace it with a similar plug-in.

And thanks to Larioso :slight_smile:

Fabio & Larioso!

Thanks for your response guys but now I have even weirder problems…

First Windows 7 stopped loading on startup…I tried to fix it in safe mode but couldnt get it to work so I re-installed everything from scratch again and now I have problems I´ve never had before.

I´ve installed all the plugins etc that I used before that worked so everything is more or less identical from the last setup. When I start up a project I now HAVE TO lick the Constrain Delay Compensation otherwise there’s NO sound in the projet at all and when I click this button some plugins don´t work. I even tried opening older versions of the project and it´s the same thing.

Then I went even further, I took out my old harddrive with the old setup (the one I used 2 weeks ago when my fire wire crashed) and started Windows on that one, opened up the project and the same problem is there.

This is so weird…! The other day when everything worked I didint need to click the Constrain Delay Compensation button at all. Now I have to do this on 2 seperate harddrives with 2 totally seperate setups that worked last week and I haven´t changed anything since then. I have a deadline today and so it´s important I fix this ASAP…please help :slight_smile:

ohhh and I have took out the new firewire card just to be safe that´s not the problem so I´m now using my old USB soundcard instead…still the same problem.

I managed to find out what it was…it was a set of plugins that I recently bought that for some reason all knows where set to zero - on compressors, eq etc (their input and output volume etc)…so they killed all the sound. How this has happened I have no idea though…

Right :wink: