Cubase 7.5 Silent Install

To whom it may concern,

I am an IT Technician working as part of the IT Support team in a secondary school. Our Director of Music is hoping that we can set up Cubase 7.5 to deploy to student notebooks via Microsoft’s System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) product.

I have found an outdated “Network Installation Guide” labelled as “Version 1.7.2” from 30/07/2014, however I have found this document to be confusing to read and lacking in any real instruction. Parts of the document instruct me to “Exclude” the Soft-eLicenser and Steinberg HUB but fail to explain how this is done. Furthermore, the document includes switches for “Network Distribution”, however the suggested “silent” switch does not seem to work.

I have found a couple of other posts on the Steinberg Forums that have asked this question in previous years for older products, however these seem to be left unanswered and abandoned:
and another more recent post regarding Cubase 10 which still remains unanswered from August:

Very simply, because I’d rather not waste time on this:

  1. Is a silent install supported by Steinberg?
  2. If so, where can I find the appropriate documentation for this?

I am using the Cubase 7.5 Full Installater which I downloaded from Steinberg just last week. Our systems are all running Windows 10 x64 1603 or higher (Can be pushed up to 1903 if required).

If there are more specific details required for assistance, please let me know.

Thank you in advance!