Cubase 7.5 - Time Warp shifting audio tracks problem

Hi, I have a project with audio multi tracks. I now have a MIDI file that corresponds to the audio. I have imported the MIDI file into the project.
I now want to Time Warp/adjust the measure marks to correspond to the Click Audio Track (my multitrack has a click track).

When I do that (by adding a Tempo Track, Time Warp (events follow), and moving the measure marks with the pointer the audio tracks also move, which I don’t want.
How can I fix the audio tracks in position so that I can adjust just the MIDI to line up the measure marks? (I tried locking the audio tracks. That did not work)

Thanks for any help.

Just a quick thing to try, make sure the audio is not in Musical Mode*. Also, just to avoid confusion, I’d make sure your main ruler up top is in Bars/Beats, not Minutes/Seconds.

  • (Musical Mode, as in there is a musical note stamped onto the end of the audio clip; and as in when you go to the Pool, there is a check mark in the “Musical Mode” column. You probably know, but this is different from “Musical Time Base” which is the yellow musical note appearing in the inspector).

Thanks. I got it to work. Not sure what I did though :slight_smile:

One more related question: Now I can set the measures to match the hitpoints MANUALLY. But some years ago I came across a way of getting to Cubase to create the tempo changes AUTOMATICALLY, and saw some YouTube videos. What is that feature called? (Time Warp, Hitpoint etc bring up ‘audio warp’ which I don’t think is what I’m looking for)

“Tempo Detection” figures out the tempo of a variable tempo track for you. Is that what you are looking for?

Yes, that’s it! Tempo Detection. That worked great too. Thanks!