cubase 7.5 trance ;) 138 + 140bpm

138bpm trance - a bit euphoric, a bit hard

and the harder, and more euphoric Optik Mix

Soundcloud’s encoder hasn’t done the best job, but any tips or criticisms greatly appreciated

Cubase 7.5 + Virus TI2 + JP8000 + TC SK48

very energetic ,good dance track ,the tones sound spot on, the top end seems just right with the Optik Mix.
the first mix could be a little harshy top endy i dunno ,but i am only listening on my pc monitors.good stuff .

cheers Polgara, will have a play with the eq in the original - I think you’re right

cheers for taking the time

Version 1:
Nice crisp bass & kick. Would’ve liked the pads & melody a bit louder in the first section.
Nice how it breaks down at 1:40. At 2:12 to 2:30 I think it would’ve been more effective to play around with the cut off filters. The kick & the bass sit better in the mix later on. Perhaps something of interest in the final section from 4:18 to the end, even if only a few white noise sweeps to keep the attention.
Actually, I really like the track and I aspire to getting a mix as nice as this and some energy into my music. So, well done.

Version 2:
Definitely harder! The early Kick & bass (sidechained?) seem a bit muddy to my ears. Thought the kick had a long tail to it at first until I listened really hard. Perhaps a slightly different bass? Or maybe it’s just Soundcloud.
Like the panning at about 3:20 and the section that follows it is heaven :slight_smile:
The filter changing from 4:50 works well for me, shifting the mood from mellow to harsher & back to mellow again.

I like both versions, or elements and techniques from both versions. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite from them.

Nice job(s)
Oh & BTW - thought First Class was AWESOME

Thanks Neil for your detailed feedback - I really appreciate the time take to do this and you’ve given me some good tips which I’ll work into the final versions - most appreciated sir!



Great work! I absolutely love trance and both mixes are spot on. The first one fits my taste a little better.

Really strong stuff!!! it. I keep hearing all sorts of melodies over it…


Energetic and interesting. I really love your choice of sounds, particularly starting at 2:33 in version 1 (which I liked better than version 2). I like the complexity of it–your giving the listener enough ear candy to let them sort of experience the music in their own way, without overloading them. I think the best pieces of electronic music do this–its just as interesting what the best producers leave out of the music as what they put in–and the more you can sort of trick the listener into putting some kind of motif or rhythm into their listening of the piece that isn’t actually there, the more interesting the song becomes on subsequent listens. I felt like you touched on this quite well.