cubase 7.5 trial version eLicenser problem

I’m considering updating from Artist 7 and downloaded the trial version of Cubase 7.5 to see what it was like. I downloaded the program and thought I’d correctly activated the licence. However the trial version does not show up on my eLicenser control centre and when I tried to re-activate it I was told I could not use it as it was already in use and contact my software vender to get a valid activation code.

Is there any way I can correct my mistake?

I wrote to the help centre on 3 August and have not received a reply.

Any help is appreciated.

I would suggest going to the eLCC, running the Maintenance, then go to Actions, and Validate License Usage Periods. Do you see the trial listed on the key now? Are you able to open it?

Sorry that didn’t work, I’ve just run through both procedures and don’t see the licence.

I’m an idiot, its on another e-licenser. I’ll check to see if I can transfer the licence to my other elicenser.

You can transfer from one eLCC USB to the other within the eLCC. There is a how to video on

Thanks Chris, I’ll have a look at the video. I may wait until the 30 days expires. I’m a great believer in if its not bust don’t fix it.