Cubase 7.5 unable to register audio signal

We have a brand new Computer running Windows 7. Cubase 7.5 and a brand new Motu 828x as the sound card. I have signal to the Motu. Cubase acknowledges Motu. I have sound coming through the board and can hear it. Cubase does not show the signal. We have re-installed Cubase several times and the last time used a CC cleaner. I was trying different things the other day and noticed this…I had an audio track open with Analog 1 connected. I had record turned on. When I clicked the monitor button (the little speaker symbol next to record) …I could notice a difference in the sound coming through the soundboard and audio monitors. As in the monitor button monitored the sound with a bit of latency I think. If I record on the track the wave is written blank…as in there is no audio being recorded. We are really getting frustrated as we have all brand new equipment and cannot record anything. Please help