Cubase 7.5 vs 7.0 : DAE think that 7.5 is more 'laggy'?

For example, go ahead and up/down arrow through the track list in 7.X then in 7.5. In the newer version, it seems less responsive, like it’s bogged down/laggy. Is it just me?

Nope. I have the same experience.

Aloha guys.
seems ‘bout the same here.

Not lagging. All good here. Very snappy. Overall 7.5 is performing better than 7…

Hi AP,

How many tracks are you typically working with in your project?

Here’s another one: mouse wheel scroll through exp map dropdown in the inspector. In before C7.5, this was a fluid, lagless experience. Now, if you scroll through some semi-big expression maps, the entire app gets choppy. Why?

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I’ve noticed a distinct lag in the following scenario
Insert a copy of Groove Agent SE have a channel for drums and a channel for pattern, with tracks either side of it. As you pass through the pattern track of GA SE there is a distinct lag.
Seems also to occur to a lesser degree when you set an Instrument track to have a traditionally rack mounted instrument, and give it more outputs and midi channels.

Word! :mrgreen:

Ended up back with 7.0.4. The difference is very noticeable to me.

My advice to people running big ‘orchestral’ templates: Stay away from 7.5 and enjoy the smoothness.