Cubase 7.5

I am a PC person, but some time ago I decided to partially switch to mac as I had been told many times that Mac is much more stable and such…

Anyway, I noticed that programs quit rather suddenly on MAC. Cubase 7.5 on windows gives you a warning that the programs is about to collapse… it even saves your project for you and gives it a name.

I noticed the following and wanted to ask MAC users if they have experienced it as well:

IF I started cubase and open a project and work in the same project, it is rarely it crashes. YET I noticed weird behavior such as buttons and other controls become non responsive… do not know why, but it has happened a few times.

BUT if I had to close one project and open another, then, at some point the program will definitely crash. I cant say what will trigger it. It could be anything: sudden right click on something, leftclick on some menu item… anything and the go POOF bah bye.

Also I wanted to ask you (See picture):
does anyone have this additional line at -12 db ? If so, what does it mean? The minute audio is played back, this line disappears. Very weird.

I assume that you’re running the latest Mac OS. Running Cubase 7.5 on recent versions of Mac OS is not supported, and will introduce all sorts of weird issues thanks to the changes made by Apple. Cubase 9.5 shouldn’t have these issues and will have far better CPU and graphics performance, along with many new features and workflow/usability improvements.

Note that this hasn’t been true since the Windows XP era. Decent PCs are about as stable as Macs these days.

I use OS X Yosemite – version 10.10, released in 2014

What about the pic I posted? Anyone?